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quarter panel damage

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    2023 Model 3 Passenger side rear quarter panel dent

    Bought my model 3 in November. Today I cut a corner in my parking garage too tight. The corner is wrapped in padding but unfortunately it still dented my quarter panel. Toke it to a body shop and they quoted me $1400 to pop the panel off, pull the dents and then repaint and blend to the other...
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    2023 model y rear quarter panel damage

    Any estimate on cost or easy way to fix this? Thank you in advance.
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    Damaged by 10 days old Tesla Model 3

    Unfortunately, I damaged the rear quarter panel and possibly the back passenger door of my 10-days old Tesla Model 3. The car scraped against a pillar while I was parking into the garage. I feel terrible. It was late at night and was the first time I was doing the parking maneuver while not...
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    Another Oakland break-in

    Break in: 2020-01-09_21-18-12-left_repeater.mp4 Other sentry videos and photos: Oakland tesla breakin - Google Drive 1 week old model 3. Parked across the street from the restaurant I was eating at in the Rockridge neighborhood 1 block from Berkeley. Black car pulls up and 3 individuals get...
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    Question: 2018 Model S 75D rear quarter panel damage

    Hello everyone, I was hit by a Chevy SUV from behind while on autopilot on the freeway. Not sure if the autopilot did something to minimize the damage. But, the damage is there nonetheless. Thankfully no persons were injured in the accident. Now I have a dilemma; the other party owns a well...