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  1. w1n78

    2022 Model X LR issues and road trips

    Hi Everyone. I just wanted to share some ownership experiences with our new Model X. We picked it up September 24, 2022. It's not a perfect car. We've had issues and has been in multiple service appt. I have been documenting those in a few videos. But we drove it more than 2,500 miles on 2 road...
  2. J

    Lucid Air Grand Touring Performance Review -- Not as fast as Plaid but, much to like!!

    Lucid Air GT Performance Review Hi there, Lucid invited us to the first drive of the GT Performance last week, and thought it was pretty stellar. Take a peek and lmk any questions you may have and I'll try to answer. We've got a Model Y review up on YT as well.
  3. P

    Model S Plaid MSM Journal

    Hey guys, I figured I would start a thread to document my journey with this insane speed demon. I’ve had the car for 2 days now. So I was set on the LR version, but after some discussion and thinking I decided to go for the Plaid. It’s a lot of money for a mere 1 second, but frankly I just...
  4. I

    Winter Tires from T-sportsline?

    Has anyone purchased a set of winter tires from T-Sportline willing to share their experience? They seem to be the only company offering a full winter tire pack with TPMS already installed. Location that I am at enforces winter tires October to April. I go up the mountains often so I...
  5. willow_hiller

    SolarReviews.com isn't a review website, it's a lead generation website (an analysis)

    I've seen some concern stemming from the poor reviews of Tesla Solar on SolarReviews.com. The average review was so low, it raised some red flags for me. As it stands right now, they rate Tesla at 1.5 stars out of 5 (and claim an average of $5.09 per watt when it's $2.01 as of writing). I'm a...
  6. B

    Car and Driver MY review

    Tested: 2020 Tesla Model Y Crosses Over Into the Mainstream Overall, a mixed review. Seems like there are some contradictions from the posts/threads on this board. "you'll regret not opting for the more powerful Performance model when you're trying to get the Y's 4386 pounds off the line."...
  7. Zcd1

    Owner reviews his new M3P:

    Get this guy a job writing for an automotive publication! :-) 2019 Tesla Model 3 Performance review | CarAdvice
  8. strava

    Imperfectly Perfect Experience with Tesla M3

    A little bit background so that I’m not just a number I’m always a cheap person, calculating cost/benefit from different angles whenever possible. Cars are just something that bring me and my family from point A to B. While most of my friends own and drive luxury cars, I’ve stayed with underdogs...
  9. V

    Consumer Reports Reviews SpaceX Falcon 9 Rockets

    For those who have gotten sick of the Consumer Reports versus Tesla war going on, I've decided everyone could use some levity on the matter and produced this fictional gem as an excerpt from a full review: Consumer Reports Reviews SpaceX Falcon 9 Rockets "Reliability on landing is average, or...
  10. U

    Ceramic pro glass and plastic results / reviews

    Can anyone that has used Ceramic pro seen any problems using it on the plastic and glass? Is there any discoloration in the plastic or glass? How long have you had it since applied? What kind of maintenance do you do? I've seen people use pressure washer in videos. Do you know do that on...
  11. tropical1

    Open Letter to Motor Trend concerning Model X First Take

    Open Letter to Motor Trend based on first take review posted 2016 Tesla Model X 75D First Test Review - Motor Trend As a model X 75d owner, I found your first take review to be poorly written, overly sarcastic, and in many cases simply untrue. This article does not convey what potential...
  12. benjiejr

    Any experience with Premier Solar?

    I plan to meet with Premier Solar as a possible candidate to install solar panels on my residential roof in San Antonio, TX. They have offices in Arizona, California, Nevada, South Carolina, and Texas. I can't seem to find any reviews and/or experiences about this company so just wondering if...
  13. Haxster

    Poll: Would you buy an early production Model 3?

    If Tesla informed you that you could be the first one on your block with the newest Tesla and would likely qualify for all of the tax credits, would you be willing to take on the risks of having to deal with early design and production defects? Before you answer, think about this: Even the...