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  1. LeeStafford11

    Speaking of Santa and Tesla. . .

    (Warning, you might not be able to un-see this after looking for it...) Has anyone with a MY noticed that the top down picture of the car in the lower left of the screen has a Santa face in it? My wife was the first to notice it and now I cannot un-see it. LOL. 🎅
  2. vitesse

    Only for newbies like me! Santa!

    This is our first Christmas with a Tesla!
  3. Minecon_CA

    Found this on the freeway. But...

    Open the image to see.....
  4. David29

    Santa Claus kills the voice command

    About two weeks ago, I demonstrated the Santa Claus Easter Egg for my sister, in my 2015 70D. While we were using it, I tried to use the voice command to enter a navigation request, but it failed. After a couple of tries, i wondered if it was related to the Santa Claus display, and tried to...
  5. Dana1

    I managed to get Santa to Mars...

    Playing around today I managed to get Santa to Mars. Traffic around me morphed into reindeer and there was quite the herd! Is there a way, while still driving, to get back to Earth and to retire Santa for the season? The owners manual didn’t mention anything...
  6. aikisteve

    All of Model S Easter Eggs

    Made a video about all of the known Model S Easter Eggs and how to properly activate them (not via the basket). I think most of them are known, but some may not be or have some details that people missed (like on the James Bond one).
  7. A

    Santa Claus Resigning due to Allegations of Sexual Misconduct

    ONION, NJ. - Another public figure has been caught up in the #MeToo movement: Santa Claus, who announced his resignation, effective immediately. This will have the effect of canceling Christmas this year, as well as the lay-off of over 12,000 elves. It seems that Claudine Robbins, a 102-year old...
  8. Gabzqc

    Model X Factory Santa's Sleigh

    Saw this on Instagram, looks jet powered :tongue: Happy Holidays! https://www.instagram.com/p/_mrqBou2i6/ https://www.instagram.com/p/_moaydkrdn/