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scenic drive

  1. C

    Roadtrips from the Denver Metro Area

    I just got a Model 3 and want to do some mountain drives. Figured some people had some day or weekend trips from the Denver Metro area that work well with Tesla's range or Supercharger support. What do people recommend for fun mountain drives? Please share you routes if your willing?
  2. R

    2023 - Spring Meetup & Drive

    Hello everyone, I recently bought a 2023 Model 3 Performance. Which is to say, I am new to owning an EV, I am new to Tesla, and I am new to the Tesla community. I come from owning an Audi, where there is a big sense of community, and one of the ways it is so is via seasonal meetups and drives...
  3. Gwgan

    Maine Scenic Drive convoy

    My plans for the Katahdin Scenic Byway Rally October 2021 with dinner and a meetup is still on the calendar for October 2021 (you might want to look at reservations now if you want to make a weekend of it) BUT… is anyone interested in a simple physically-distanced convoy along a more southern...
  4. Gwgan

    Katahdin Scenic Byway Rally October 2020

    Now that the Medway Supercharger is online I would like to plan unofficial Tesla Rally along the Katahdin Woods and Waters Scenic Byway (rt 11). Basic idea: drive from the Medway SC to the north end of the byway, about 60 miles, and back if that is not too long. I will make a scout trip soon...
  5. JackA

    Cascade Loop EV Travel Writer Tour

    Plug-In NCW in partnership with the Cascade Loop Association has arranged for three nationally published travel writers to drive the Cascade Loop in Nissan Leaf EVs. The writers were selected from a large number who applied after Plug-In NCW made a presentation at the NW Travel Writer...