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self parking tesla

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    Self /Auto Park sucks!!!

    Used the Self / Auto park yesterday. I pulled up next to a car and put the car in reverse. I selected the auto park button and let the car parallel park. The car proceeded to back up into the space. It then pulled forward to straighten out but came too close to the curb and the front right rim...
  2. G

    Shiba inu parks a tesla model s

  3. E

    Tesla has built the real life K.I.T.T - 7.1 Summons - Knight Rider Style

    Great video showing Tesla Model S as the real life KITT using the 7.1 Summoning release/update: David Hasselhoff would be happy!
  4. V

    When will self parking and self driving features appear?

    Anyone have any predictions when Elon will introduce self park and self drive features?