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  1. D

    Tesla - Panasonic

    Are you a Tesla shareholder? If so, I would appreciate your participation in the following poll regarding Tesla - Panasonic, in light of recent headlines. Disruption Research on Twitter
  2. P

    Attending the Shareholder Meeting from overseas

    Hi guys! I know there are still quite a few months to go until the next Shareholder Meeting but I'm kind of thinking this through at the moment. Already emailed Tesla IR but didn't receive an answer yet. I'm from overseas & would like to spend a couple days in San Francisco & make a one day...
  3. T

    Tesla shareholder voting when based in the UK

    I live in the UK and I own Tesla shares (the brokerage firm is Hargreaves Lansdown, www.hl.co.uk). I read about the upcoming CEO compensation package voting and I decided I wanted to vote. However, I wasn't sure how I could do this. I contacted Tesla directly but never got a response. I...
  4. LargeHamCollider

    Full Autonomy: How long? How important to SP?

    Apologies to those who had to watch the back and forth in the ST thread the other day, I'm usually one who advocates not responding to our trollier users... but I... just... couldn't... resist:oops: I do think autonomy is the most important technology for the future of the automobile, I also...
  5. Lump

    Notice of 2015 Shareholder Meeting - June 9

    Notice is hereby given that the 2015 Annual Meeting of Stockholders (the “2015 Annual Meeting”) of Tesla Motors, Inc., a Delaware corporation, will be held on Tuesday, June 9, 2015, at 2:00 p.m., Pacific Time, at the Computer History Museum located at 1401 N. Shoreline Blvd., Mountain View, CA...