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sim card

  1. I

    External SIM module

    Does anyone know if this module is compatible with a 2019 Model 3 (MCU 2.5)? My modem stopped working and since I live in Brazil, there is no support from Tesla. I heard that it would be possible to insert an external module but in eBay and Aliexpress ads there is no compatibility information.
  2. I

    Operating long term without a SIM card

    Hey all, have done my best to search the forums before posting and I can't find this topic discussed anywhere. If I've made a mistake and there's a thread I missed, let me know and I'll take a look. I'd like to purchase a used SIM-enabled used Tesla (no eSIM) and remove the SIM card, operating...
  3. V

    Original AT&T SIM card replacement troubles

    Hello everybody! just have had the problem within exchange sim. Nothing working. I replaced twice with different operators. And the icon still not mark with E what I can do wrong? on final replacement I lost FM radio, oops.
  4. K

    Exporting Car to Asia

    Hi guys So i am thinking of getting a model y next year. I am going to export from US to Myanmar and i have a few question about the car. I am well aware of the risk of not being able to fix the car in Burma apart from shipping it back to the states. I was told by CS from Tesla that I wont be...
  5. S

    Oversea sim card install on model X

    I just get a 2020 model X in Thailand. Have anyone had successfully replace sim card at the back of MCU. Can you please recommend me on MCU power disconnect. Do I need to cut the high voltage and 12V battery before remove MCU? Can you share your exprience on removing MCU. Thank you
  6. ACarneiro

    Tesla SIM

    Out of curiosity, does anyone if Tesla use a SIM or is it some sort of eSIM? Is this something that could be replaced? Does anyone know which network they piggyback their services on? :)
  7. Xiao ma ge

    What to do when your Tesla control panel shows “no signal ”?

    What to do when your Tesla control panel shows “no signal ”? Recently, my Model S always show “no signal ”, I was thinking that if there is any relation to mobile phone’s SIM card . I tried to wipe the SIM card with cleaning cloth by using a little alcohol .It is lucky that my Tesla recovered...