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  1. I

    Operating long term without a SIM card

    Hey all, have done my best to search the forums before posting and I can't find this topic discussed anywhere. If I've made a mistake and there's a thread I missed, let me know and I'll take a look. I'd like to purchase a used SIM-enabled used Tesla (no eSIM) and remove the SIM card, operating...
  2. A

    Put your own SIM, will be Premium connectivity?

    I have a Tesla Model 3 Tesla is not officially present in my country, that why eSIM is not operating. Singed viewer for SIM card. I did put SIM, into MCU of Model 3, and asked the service to switch usage of eSIM to a physical SIM in the slot. Everything is working. The car has an LTE...
  3. D

    Has anyone ever opted out of Tesla's OTA features?

    I've been taking an interest in saving up for a Tesla myself but I recently came across this video concerning some security and privacy risks with Tesla cars, namely its Over-The-Air features. https://invidio.us/watch?v=Qjkt3X2WLrw After listening to it twice, I tried to look up to see if...
  4. ACarneiro

    Tesla SIM

    Out of curiosity, does anyone if Tesla use a SIM or is it some sort of eSIM? Is this something that could be replaced? Does anyone know which network they piggyback their services on? :)
  5. emir-t

    Anyone know what this part is? SIM module?

    Hello all; I thought Model S sim card was located behind the touchscreen, connected directly to the motherboard, making it difficult to replace for unsupported countries. I derived that from this old thread; Where is the SIM card located? Especially after the recent update blocking wifi use...