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  1. L

    Steep Driveway - Help Please

    Looking for help and input from fellow owners and enthusiasts. Have a steep driveway into garage and every entry scrapes the bottom of our model 3. Lately we've added 2 Vestil speed bumps and 2 Pyle ramps but still with no success. We've played back and forth with positioning and tried this over...
  2. J

    Model 3: tow a boat out of the water from a ramp

    Hi, It's wintertime, so next week I have to drag my boat (approx 600kg incl. trailer) out of the water on a ramp. Anyone has experience with this? Can I leave the car while it's on parking brake? Use creep mode? etc. M3-AWD-LR Thanks, Johan Netherlands
  3. Y

    First day of delivery. Falcon wing door fails to close on slope. What shall I do?

    Hi all, I just took the delivery today for Model X. Everything was smooth until I drove it home and found the issue of falcon wing door: it fails to close on slope (i.e., my home's drive way). It will sound alarms and says obstacle detected. I will have to press the close button twice...
  4. fasteddie7

    limited regen down a steep grade or an issue?

    This is the first time i've experienced this and i wondered if it is normal. I live near a very mountainous area. My wife, son, and myself traveled up the mountain to a nice restaurant for dinner. On the way back down, it is a relatively steep grade. I had 201 miles out of 259 on my 75D...
  5. R

    Visiting SF in a Model S

    Hi, I live in the SF South Bay and have family coming over from overseas. We typically go visit a few places around the area and suspect they'll want to go to SF. That would be 5 people in the car. Is it a good idea to do this in a Model S? I have a P85D with air suspension, and wonder whether...