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  1. J

    Fitbit clock face - Tesla Time - Beta testing / feedback group

    Hi everyone. I have been working on a Tesla inspired Fitbit watch clock face called “Tesla Time” which is compatible with Ionic and Versa watches that lets you see some basic Tesla stats like range, battery level, charging time and temperature along with your personal health stats. It also...
  2. B

    Will we have to leave Bluetooth on all the time on our phones?

    Wondering if we will have to constantly keep on our bluetooth function on our phones for use for opening out Model 3s. Im assuming so, but was wondering if there is a way it can connect only when we approach the car, without having to leave bluetooth on all the time. I personally don't like...
  3. Haxster

    Why can't smartphones communicate directly with your Tesla?

    Phones have WiFi and Bluetooth. Teslas have WiFi and Bluetooth. Why should smartphones need to go thru the internet (which isn't always available) just to allow keyless entry and driving? Wouldn't it be convenient if your phone or watch virtually replaced the key fob? One less thing to carry.
  4. T

    What to do with phone? Mount?

    Looking for ideas for smartphone placement. I've been letting it slosh around in the middle tray, but there has to be a better way. Ideas for Tesla friendly mounts?