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solar panel

  1. B

    Question about Solar Design

    Just got my design back from Tesla, and I'm somewhat disappointed. It looks like they split the panels between south and north facing, although I think they could get more panels on the south side. Wanted to see what the community opinion is about this? It seems pretty counter-intuitive to me...
  2. S

    Selling House with Massachusetts SMART Contract

    I purchased Tesla solar panels for my house and signed the 10 year contract with the Massachusetts SMART program where I receive a check every month for my solar production. If I sell my house, obviously the new owner will get the benefit of the free solar generation, but is there any...
  3. lchen6

    Solar Panel Installation/ CA HOA Approval Form?

    Hey all, (new to solar here) The solar panel designed just got sent to us in Tesla.com portal and since we belong to a HOA (small informal HOA, 3 units total), I was wondering if there's an "official form" to get the HOA signed and approved for? or Tesla will send me something from their end...
  4. n.one.one

    Georgia Power monthly net metering (RNR-monthly)

    I've ordered a 16 kW + 4 PW setup (from Tesla) and I'm rethinking the kW size because of the 10 kW limit on the Georgia Power monthly net metering plan (RNR-monthly). I'm looking for advice both for a qualifying 10 kW system as well as for a 16 kW system that will generate more than I will need...
  5. ElectricTundra

    Recommendations for pre-installing conduit ?

    We're doing solar on the roof of our residential studio. We've had a reservation for Solar Glass since about 3 minutes after reservations opened up but there is still confusion about who will do installs in MN and when so we may end up doing traditional shingles and panels. We can't put off...
  6. S

    Finding the YT DAErik videos really great to see the process (Solar/PowerWall)

    We're signing up for Tesla Solar Panels and PowerWalls and have had many questions understanding the process. Lots of great feedback from owners on here (thanks!) and our Tesla Energy contact has been super. This morning had our 2nd conference call with him (yes, even though he had the day off...
  7. GenSao

    Powerwall required with new solar install?

    Looks like Tesla recently included Powerwall as an "included" component to their small, medium, and large solar packages. Previously Powerwall was a select-able option. Typically with a Powerwall installation, taxes and permit frees are separate line items. I wonder if they are now included...
  8. boaterva

    Solar Panel Meter Swap Zapped Garage Door Opener

    Title is pretty much it! Finally had the main meter swapped today for solar panel PTO with no notice, of course. Saw the microwave blinking, went outside to check, woohoo, digital meter! Let my Tesla guy know, he will check for PTO, since nothing left by the crew. Then GF gets home and texts...
  9. W

    Tesla / Solar City Horrible Yelp Reviews?? What is y'alls experience with their PV installs?

    Hi all We are really close to pulling the trigger on a PV system with Tesla (no powerwalls) but I have some major reservations. I love the look of their black panels with the edge skirts, something that other solar companies don't have. And my rep assures me that they can install before the...
  10. Lolly

    Driving on sunshine

    Can you drive around the M25 (on autopilot) using only energy from the sun? Yes you can! Total energy used 38.2 kWh, total energy supplied to car last week from sun 49.1 kWh. video coming soon.
  11. KBurbridge14

    Best time to charge X at home--if you have Solar?

    So, I have a very robust solar system at my home in Northern California. I know, typically, most charge their EV overnight--much like a mobile phone. However, because my solar is generating the most energy between 1-4 pm, I'm wondering when the best time to charge my Tesla. I'm home throughout...