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#solar power

  1. M

    Manned Drone

    Good afternoon everyone, I am currently in the process of designing a recreational manned drone. My question, is there a way to contact Tesla for a custom order that would be able to fit design parameters for a project like this? I want to integrate solar charging into the power supply, which...
  2. A

    To Create and Innovate are Synonymous

    In order to reap the full benefits of sustainability we must sow seed of responsibility. None can dismiss the devastation recent major storms have left behind in Texas Florida Puerto Rico and other Carribbean isles along their path. Less covered by mainstream media was the 7.1 magnitude...
  3. A

    Integration at it's Finest

    I've a personal law predicated upon principle when donating things to charity. If I can't or don't want to use or wear it why would anyone else. Clear line differentiates what gets a new owner and junk marked for reincarnation. Recycling is a beautiful thing. What does that got to do with Tesla...
  4. A

    Tesla Fulfilling it's Primary Mission: Harnessing the Sun as Sustainable Clean Energy Source

    If you exist in the Modern Age then you're hearing hybrids, now completely regenerated electric cars or EVs, are classified as yesterday's next big thing. What's happening now on digiverse news horizon are fully autonomous vehicles. Run solely by alternative energy. What's more to love about...
  5. Asterix777

    Charging Model X with Solar Power + Poll

    Hi everyone! I've my Model X now for some days. I also have 10kWp solar panels on my roof. If it is a sunny day the solar panels are producing like this graph: But on the charging configuration of my Model X i can set only one limit. In my case the setup is 10Ax3x224V = 6,75kW until 10:00...