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Of Course I Trust You Will Do The Right Thing
In order to reap the full benefits of sustainability we must sow seed of responsibility. None can dismiss the devastation recent major storms have left behind in Texas Florida Puerto Rico and other Carribbean isles along their path. Less covered by mainstream media was the 7.1 magnitude earthquake which struck central Mexico. Strongest since 1985. Cripples capital Mexico City. Death toll 225. Number continues to rise as search rescue and recovery efforts are still underway.

While earthquakes are geologically explained occurrences. Impact they have on localities affected by them extends beyond infrastructure to depletion or utter destruction of natural resources. Weather and natural phenomenons like the back to back hurricanes we're witnessing while others have experienced over the past several weeks give us pause.
We must consider stepping up conservation and preservation efforts. Eliminating harmful chemicals and biomaterials. Harness. Storage of necessary natural power sources. Collaboratively moving to renewable clean energy. It's only one of many initiatives required to ensure the Earth's population continues to be sufficiently self sustaining with efficient use of its own natural resources.

What are these initiatives exactly?

Electric cars are fast becoming a norm. Tesla, introducing the lower priced Model 3 will make fossil fuel free vehicles accessible to many more people. Electric vehicles or EVs have the highest safety rating and lowest crash statistics in comparison to gasoline powered cars. Tesla's Model 3 is on course to exceed current high marks now held by the Model X and S.
Goal of Tesla for its customer base is full integration. Sustainability through use of renewable energy or lithium-ion battery power. Storage of power (collected from the sun with roof panels manufactured by SolarCity)
in concert with the Powerwall. Which can also be used as power source for the home. Ultimate benchmark target is to achieve zero emissions overall with every car on the road being gas free.
Solar and wind have become two major renewable energy sources. With the cost of solar energy steadily dropping mechanisms to harness range from panels to turbines.

While innovators have successfully harnessed nature's energy. Attention is now being focused toward storing excess or unused power. Tesla has built massive battery farms for just such a purpose. These, now fully operational in Kauia Hawaii and Ta'u American Samoa, provide 100 percent solar power in those areas. An additional farm is scheduled to be completed by early December this year at Hornsdale Wind Farm in Australia.

Researchers at MIT suggest a more ancient practice for harness and storage of clean energy could prove useful. Firebrick Resistance-heated Energy Storage (FIRES), would use firebricks to store excess electric energy
from wind farms.
Which, then, could be converted to heat, and transferred to firebricks. Heat could be used or turned back into electricity.

Moving from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources include mass transit. An 1829 Competition seeking the best locomotive engine for Liverpool and Manchester Railway took place in Northern England. George Stephenson's Rocket came away the winner posting top speed of 38 kilometers per hour. Rocket is largely credited as the first steam locomotive engine. Drastically changing travel between cities.
SpaceX held a modern version of UK's back in the day mass transit contest this summer. At a test track in August, teams comprised of students from around the world showcased their best Hyperloop pods. Fastest, student team from Germany, clocked in at 324 kilometers. That's a little over 200 mph. Impressive but Musk encourages with a push for wee bit more. Speed. Capped with safety being top priority. Hyperloop travel potentially could mean supersonic speeds in excess of 700 mph.

What does it mean for you and I?

Small steps we take ridding everyday life of plastics. Recycling. Composting. Reusing versus throwing out materials with conversion or extended life potential. Gets us in mindset of living as our ancestors must have. While we also enjoy conveniences of modern day technology. "Waste not want not." is as applicable today as it was then. We should not take for granted that things will continue as they always do. Nor underappreciate what the Earth provides by way of sun wind and water. Necessary to sustain life as we know it. How we, as stewards of the earth, manage its resources is telling what we will do with those discovered elsewhere. If - we are permitted to become a multiplanetary species. I strongly believe that is entirely dependant upon our acts here on the planet designed specifically for us.
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