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speeding ticket

  1. 2

    New Haven, Connecticut / Philadelphia area Model Y owner and TSLA investor

    Hi, new to this forum, though I’ve been a Tesla owner and investor since the beginning of the year. My wife and I moved to New Haven, Connecticut late 2021 though I’ve continued to work in the Philadelphia area until recently. Tesla has made these trips infinitely easier and more pleasurable...
  2. Haxster

    Sorry officer, I wasn't speeding. It was my 17.3.2

    Officer: What do you mean? You were going 35 in a 25 mile zone. Driver: I set my Tesla with the latest cruise control update to go the speed limit. I set the car in the 35 MPH zone. Officer: Yes, but when you entered the 25 MPH zone, your car didn't slow down. Driver: Oh. Sorry about that...
  3. R

    So how many speeding tickets have you gotten so far?

    So, having had my Model S 90D since September 2015 I thought I had it all figured out. Keep an eye peeled for the chippers, take my foot off the accelerator, decelerate rapidly, and all would be well. No harm no foul. Of course, today I was in a crappy mood and did not notice the white SUV...