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  1. BonB

    Model X Refresh Front Windshield Tint - How To Avoid Dust Particles?

    Hello I have been considering to tint my Model X (2022) front windshield but I have read online and heard from some Tesla owners that they usually encountered some challenges: ghosting, low angle haze, fingers, debris/dust particles, and interior reflection. I was wondering if any Model X...
  2. V

    Paint Protection Film How To Tutorials. Questions....? Ask Away!

    First and foremost I'm a Tesla owner. 😁 Hey everyone, I've made quite a few video's that I've posted on YouTube about installing PPF on Tesla's as well as how to remove the cameras and tail lights. If you are looking for a do it yourself tutorial or would like to see what to expect from a...
  3. CADetailing

    Vendor Paint Correction, is it right for YOU?

    Paint Correction IS IT RIGHT FOR YOU? A paint correction service will remove fine wash lines, spider webbing, & swirls within the finish of your paint. New and old cars alike could use a paint correction service to prep, refresh, or repair your clear coat. Let's get you set up...
  4. F

    Any photos of Suntek matte PPF of on blue out there?

    Hey there. I have been searching high and low on this site, on Suntek’s site, on plenty of installer’s sites, and just anywhere on the internet for even one good photo of a blue Tesla with Suntek matte PPF and it’s impossible. All I get are pages of results for Xpel, or a couple of really poorly...
  5. SunTek

    Blog PPF is Personal – Choose What’s Right for You

    Level of protection, film finish, coverage areas…there’s a lot to consider after you’ve made that first important decision to get paint protection film for your Tesla. It can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Steer clear of confusion by focusing on three key aspects of PPF first, and...
  6. EVS Motors

    Vendor Entertaining and informative video on PPF Paint Protection Film

    Entertaining and informative video on PPF Paint Protection Film for those that are on the fence.
  7. SunTek

    Blog 5 Ways to Prepare for a Tesla Road Trip

    Hearing the call of the open road? Overdue to explore a new place? Missing familiar faces? Thinking ahead to the holidays? Whatever your reason for a road trip, we’ve got you covered. Follow the advice here to prepare yourself and your Tesla for the most stress-free, satisfying highway adventure...
  8. SunTek

    Blog Which PPF Install Method is Better?

    People argue that if the results are professional and precise, it makes no difference what method is used for your paint protection film installation.  But if you’re wondering what really happens during an installation, this won’t win you over. You’ll want to understand bulk and pattern...
  9. N

    DIY PPF for Model 3/Y?

    Just finished DIY PPF for my M3, full hood, fenders, headlights, mirrors, rockers. Settled on Suntek Ultra and got mine through ServoPPF with a 10yr warranty. Used Xpel gel and dishsoap water together. Really happy with the results, sure it's not perfect but turned out way better than I...
  10. Ninetailz PPF

    Vendor [Ninetailz PPF] Covid-19 Special on PPF XPEL, Tint and Chrome Delete Packages

    Good afternoon everyone! I just wanted to say hi and re-introduce my company to TMC! Ninetailz PPF is a company that specializes in vehicle protection and restyling, located in Santa Fe Springs California. Founded in 2018 by two brothers with passion for cars, we always aim to go the extra...
  11. T

    Vendor Tesla Model Y - Clear Bra, Window Tint, Ceramic Coating

    2 Tesla Model Ys XPEL Prime XR Plus high performance window tint treatment We are Florida's leading Tesla appearance enhancement and protection specialists. •Clear Bra •Window Tint •Ceramic Coating •Paint Correction •Chrome Delete •Suspension •Powder Coating Conveniently located less...
  12. SETautocare

    Vendor Ceramic Coatings | Paint Protection Film | Window Tinting

    Hello TMC ! SET Auto Care is a fully insured company that specializes in automotive Window Tinting and Ceramic Coating and Paint Protection Film Based In Vaughan Ontario Through the use of the most cutting edge products and techniques, we strives to achieve results that push the envelope of...
  13. Vancouver ClearBra

    Vendor Clear Bra Paint Protection Film - Ceramic Coating - Tint - Chrome Delete

    Hey all Tesla owners, After an absence from the TMC forum we've returned to offer our quality clear bra paint protection films, ceramic coating, tinting, vinyl wraps and chrome delete services by sponsoring this amazing forum for the most advanced vehicles on the planet. We'll be updating this...
  14. SergeLangendoen

    Vendor Een High-End Bower & Wilkins Headset cadeau bij een lakbescherming van uw nieuwe Tesla!

    Speciaal voor onze Tesla klanten hebben we een actie welke klinkt als muziek in de oren! Laat uw auto beschermen en ontvang een High End koptelefoon gratis Kiest u voor minimaal een Modesta Glass Coating voor uw gehele auto dan ontvangt u een Bower & Wilkins PI3 In-ear draadloze...
  15. RDI Detailing

    Vendor Ceramic Coating OPTI - COAT Vancouver & Richmond

    Our services: Ceramic Coating: Opti - Coat PRO / PRO + / Paint Protection Film: (Xpel Ultimate Plus / SunTek Ultra) Vinyl wrap: (Avery Dennison / 3M) Paint correction / Polishing Window tint Over 150 Tesla projects have been done in last 2 years. ( Model 3, Model X / S) Tesla paint issues...
  16. lorenzotint


    Lorenzotint 30 years Same location on NYC/Westchester city limits. Get the facts Visit www.ppftintny
  17. lorenzotint

    Vendor TESLA Paint Protection Film - Ceramic Tinting Specialists

    Hello Tristate New York, New Jersey and CT Tesla Owners, Looking for the most qualified installer of todays most relevant auto aftermarket service. No sales pitch or group discounts. When selecting a Professional Paint Protection Film installer check out my Resume and get the facts at...
  18. SunTek

    Vendor Is your Tesla’s paint protected? If so, how?

    On delivery, the finish of your Tesla had no nicks, swirl marks or scratches. But every day on the road puts that flawless finish at risk. How do you plan to keep your finish looking flawless longer?
  19. H

    PPF, Ceramic and Tint in South SF Bay Area

    Hi All, I've been going through a lot of threads on this forum in the last couple weeks, and finally my very first post! Before placing an order for the model 3, I've been researching on PPF, Ceramic and tinting, and now I finally ordered one, and I got a quote from a shop in South San...
  20. lorenzotint

    Vendor PPFtintNY Lorenzotint Tesla Owner Personal Advise Facility Tour

    Hello Tesla Owners, Spring is here in the New York Tristate area. As a Vendor Sponsor, I would like to invite anyone interested in Xpel or Suntek Paint Protection FiIm & Ceramic Window Tinting installations to schedule a personal advise consultation. This will allow you to see our showroom of...
  21. lorenzotint

    Vendor PPFtintNY Lorenzotint Tesla Owner Personal Advise/ Facility Tour

    Hello Tesla Owner, Spring is here in the New York Tristate area. Lorenzotint has an impressive resume of Tinting & PPF Wrapping NYC areas High End Cars and Trucks for the past 35 years. This 2019 will be my 30th year at our NYC location. As a Vendor Sponsor on the TMC I would like to invite...
  22. lorenzotint

    Vendor Northeast Paint Protection Film & Ceramic Tint Facts

    Hello Tesla Owners, I've been a TMC Vendor (Lorenzotint) for the past 6 months and a NYC shop owner for 30 years. As a Professional Auto & Flat Glass Window Tinting Film installer since 1981. I've worked with all early 80/90's & 2K generations of Auto Tint and Paint Protection films from Suntek...
  23. T

    Vendor The Tesla Studio's Model 3 - The Project

    We've had our shop's Model 3 for a few months now but we haven't had the chance to post everything we did to it. Some of you have already seen it out in the wild :). Now, we'll show you what we did to it. Everything we did, we offer it in our studio. Arrival of our little toy. This Model 3 was...
  24. M

    Understanding what PPF & Ceramic Coating is! (interview with Joe from OCDetailing)

    A lot of members have questions as to how to protect their cars and what PPF is and what Ceramic Coating is. So I sat down with Joe from OCDetailing who is an industry respected installer doing this for 10 years with a specialty in Teslas to help us understand the differences in the two...
  25. Ceramic Pro SD

    Vendor San Diego - Clear Bra / Paint Protection Film - Are Kit Installs Bad? What is a Custom Install?

    When it comes to protecting your Tesla Paint there's not doubt that clear bra which is also known as paint protection film (PPF) is king. The big name in clear bra right now is XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS. XPEL is widely considered to be the standard in self-healing film and any paint protection film...
  26. Transhine

    Vendor Paint Protection Film choices - Matted/Satin or Shiny?

    We put together this instructional video for all Tesla X owners thinking of transforming their paint job. In this video we did a black paint job and an obsidian black. I think the dark colored cars take on a unique look, and certainly different rims and a black out treatment of the chrome adds...
  27. T

    Vendor Tesla Model X - Full vehicle custom clear bra wrap

    This Tesla Model X was brought to us from Orlando for our full vehicle custom paint protective film clear bra wrap installation. We wrapped every edge, corners that could be possibly wrapped and tucked in the film under the chrome trim for a clean seamless installation. We also installed the...
  28. ⚡️ELECTROMAN⚡️

    Xpel, Suntek, or Equivalent PPF Survey (Part Deux)

    Haha, me again.
  29. ⚡️ELECTROMAN⚡️

    Xpel, Suntek, or Equivalent PPF Survey

    I'm trying to get an idea if I should get PPF installed or not.
  30. Fahad@Robust

    Vendor Robust Blog: Most Common Question - Coatings vs. Waxes vs. Paint Protection Film?

    Disclaimer: Before we get into this article, please note that there are several more products out there and we recommend researching those companies or products that suit your needs best! This is just a general overview which will help you get started to seeking what you want for your vehicle...