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tesla stores

  1. M

    What's the deal with some US Tesla Stores not selling apparel?

    I've gone to a few Tesla stores and my local one (Greenwich CT) Has sold apparel instead of cars. My perception was that all Tesla Stores had apparel for sale but I've gone to two other stores and they didn't have apparel at all. Have any of you guys seen the same thing at your local stores?
  2. DrivingTheFuture

    Which Tesla Stores will be first to Display the X???

    I spoke to a manager in Florida and she said probably late March 2016 is when they would have their first Model X. Please share if you know of other states/ timelines.
  3. O

    My Tesla buying experience and a letter of recommendation

    This is the letter I sent out to the managers of my Ownership Advisor after I put in my order of my S85D; I wanted to share this with everyone. ------- I wanted to share my experience in purchasing my first Tesla. I have been a strong proponent of alternative energy and I love technology and...
  4. J

    Fan Commercials - Let's see what we can do to show our support

    Here's a few songs and videos I made to show my support, I'd like to see if someone is willing to work with me to provide better video content for some other videos I'd like to do. But either way I'd like to see what fan commercials that could be made to support this great company. Song to...
  5. Soulopoulos

    Grand Opening Tesla Store Brussels (The first one in Belgium)

    Come to the exclusive reception for the opening of the first Tesla store in Belgium! Because of the limited space you can invite one guest. Register by sending an email with your contact details to: [email protected] Subject: RSVP: Opening Tesla Store Brussel Location: Tesla Store...
  6. Grant Gerke

    Steal from the Best - Can the Auto Companies sell directly?

    After my experiences with GM & Ford and countless other reported EV selling challenges for the Auto majors, I was wondering if they could adopt Tesla's model and sell direct to the consumer? I've heard reps and auto SMEs bemoan the fact that EV manufacturing is not profitable and they need to...
  7. M

    How a BMW Dealer Protected Me?

    I'm not sure where to post this, so I'm putting it here. I believe it is relevant in reference to the discussions on "illegal" Tesla stores, the grievances of the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) against factory direct auto sales and against Tesla in particular, and NADA's claim of...