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  1. W

    Chrome Delete Tips? [tip as in extra payment for service rendered]

    Do you tip an auto detailing shop for having them put satin chrome delete on the car? How much do you tip/what is an acceptable??
  2. J

    Tipping for PPF/Ceramic installer?

    Hi all, Having PPF and ceramic along with window tint installed this week. What’s the etiquette on tipping? The guy owns his shop and is the one doing the work if that makes a difference. I found some stuff online that a car detail deserves a tip but couldn’t find something for a high value...
  3. cvonken

    Vakantie-bagage-tip voor de Model X's trunk-plank

    Een tip over hoe je de trunkplank van de Tesla Model X kunt plaatsen tijdens een reis met veel bagage: YouTube:
  4. Dithermaster

    On-demand "no dome light this time" tip

    Occasionally I pick my son up at work and end up parked for a few minutes waiting for him. It annoyed me that the dome light came on when I went into Park and then sat there, so I turned it off from the Controls screen. However, I missed it coming on in other cases (like dark garages). The...
  5. Kymo

    TIP: Voor mij 1 van de beste mods sinds ik de Tesla heb

    Daar ik zelf een laadpaal en contract heb van New motion... Werkte ik eerst met een pasje van New Motion om mijn laadpaal aan- en uit te zetten. Helaas werkte deze niet door mijn portomonaie heen en daarnaast graag ik mijn portomonaie nooit in mijn zak. Meestal in mijn werktas. Ofwel veel...
  6. benjiejr

    Road Trip Tips/Advice

    I searched the forums and have seen several posts related to specific road trips, which I enjoy reading, but I don't see one dedicated to tips and advice for planning road trips specifically in a Tesla. What are some of the most important things you think someone else should know before...