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tire pressure monitoring system

  1. Jowua

    Vendor Tesla Road Trips in the Cold? Master Tire Pressure with Portable Solutions

    As winter approaches, thoughts often turn to the challenges of cold-weather driving, particularly for Tesla owners. One common issue is the loss of tire pressure, a problem exacerbated by colder temperatures. While not as dramatic as a flat tire, driving with reduced tire pressure can lead to...
  2. terraform

    Minor Tire Leak - Sealant Repair Kit

    The front passenger side tire of my MY is losing about 1 psi per week. I can’t seem to find any puncture. My question is should I use my Tesla Tire Repair Kit to try to solve that with the sealant. Or is that overkill for such a small leak. Alternatively, I could just keep filling the tire...
  3. JAlbury825

    How to find the tire pressure reading on a 2014 Model S 60

    Good morning! Easy question, I hope. I had my rear tires replaced a few months ago, and I saw that inside the rim, each tire has a tire pressure sensor. On previous cars I've owned, it will either tell me my current tire pressures (in a dashboard display) or a light will come on when one of...
  4. n.one.one

    TPMS, Tire Pressure Monitoring System, no pressures shown

    My Tire Pressure Monitoring System doesn't display pressure for any tire and I'm looking for any advice before I schedule service. It's a 2020 MX LR+. Is there anything I need to do to have the pressure show?
  5. Gulfbear

    Screen protector too thick?

    I recently installed a made for Model 3 screen protector, looks great, still have screen functionality except to swipe the lower left for the tire pressure. Everything else still works. Other than manually checking the tire pressure with a gage, is there any way to get this info to show without...
  6. GMan324

    TPMS v2 $150 (Set of 4)

    Four used and working OEM Tesla Continental TMPS v2. Includes caps and nuts. Yes, these are the ones that show individual pressure for each tire. I bought a new set of wheels and tires for my late 2014 MS60. These are the ones that came off the original wheels. $150 for the set including...
  7. M

    Model 3 Tire Pressure

    I picked up my Model 3 last week. Handles great - but noticed that the tire pressure monitors are showing 45/46 in the front and 47 in the rear (and were at 49 today in the heat after highway driving). I'm going to release some air tomorrow - but am wondering what sort of handling difference I...
  8. scotty2541

    TMPS - Major Defect. Doubt Tesla will fix it...

    This is speculation, but here is what I just experienced: I put new tires on the car, and they didn't pay attention when they remounted them... They swapped the rear wheels left/right. I told them my sensors would be out of wack, and they need to fix it. They said "no problem we can reprogram...
  9. turbospecc

    TPMS (newer VINs) - cheapest place to buy?

    Looking for the cheapest way to pick up a second set of the newer Continental sensors for some aftermarket T Sportline wheels I'm getting (aside from scouring the classifieds). Am I going to do better than $65/ea, free shipping, no tax = $260 from Tire Rack? What price do the service centers...