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tire repair

  1. GoHawks29

    Is my tire done for? Hit a massive pothole driving through Tennessee, drove home just fine but noticed a slight cut on the sidewall?

    Title. My inclination would be to change this tire but does anyone else have a similar experience in terms of where the tear is? Additionally, I was able to drive it all the way home (4ish hours from the pothole) on the highway with zero issues and minimal potholes throughout the way, although...
  2. MartyL

    A1 Tires & Wheels

    Has anyone had tires replaced or repaired at A1 Tires & Wheels in Santa Clara California?
  3. Sanderpman12

    Tire replacement by tesla

    Tesla charging me 1200$ for two back tire change and alignment. Can i go to firestone to get this done? Or are there cheaper options? If not is 1200 good?
  4. E

    Service Center Drove Over a Nail - Wants Me To Pay

    OK, my title is a little one sided. I'll explain... I sent my car into service to check acceleration shudder and the 17 in. screen going black (refreshing) while driving. The screen issue started after update 2020.8.1. Due to the Corona Virus I have not been driving my car for the past week...
  5. I

    Tires - Road Hazard Warranty? (Ran over a sheet metal screw tonight)

    the good news: it was a loaner Model S as Tesla fixes a paint ship from shipping my Model 3 cross country. this incident got me thinking about whether anyone has recommendations as to 3rd party tire Road Hazard Warranties. not sure if I am going to do it, but I want to look into prices and...
  6. fasteddie7

    Wow, I can blow through tires

    What on Earth am I doing wrong? I drive around 25,000 miles a year. I have done two "annual" service appointments so far this year, and both times I had to replace my tires. Is this normal? I purchased the good year 19s both times. Should I be buying a different tire or is there no way to avoid...
  7. T

    What do you do when you have a flat tire on a MX

    Hey Guys I was wondering what would you guys do if you ever had a flat tire on your MX. Since there are no spare tire, are the factory tires run flats. Worst thing that can happen is having a flat when your on a road trip. Some times the tires isn't repairable would any tire shop be able to...