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tires for sale

  1. J

    $900 - Full Set of MYP Pirelli P Zeros - One brand new, three with exactly 1,750 miles

    Full Set of Pirelli P Zeros 2 x 255/35/21 - one brand new and one with exactly 1,750 miles (no damage) 2 x 275/35/21 - both with exactly 1,750 miles (no damage) One original 255/35/21 was damaged during removal and replaced with brand new. Asking $900 for the full set or $475 per set of two...
  2. dcmpls

    Low mileage Michelin Pilot Sport All-Season Tires, Minneapolis, MN

    Model S Refresh, Michelin Pilot Sport All-Season with only a few months of very light use. 255/45R19 Tread: 9/32 285/40R19 Tread: 8/32 $350 obo Pickup only.
  3. A

    Model 3 performance winter tires 235/35r20

    Selling a set of 4 Michelin pilot alpin pa4 winter performance tires used on my tesla model 3 performance for one winter. Excellent winter performance tires. They have 9/32 left (10.5/32 was new) so 82% tread left. Winter tires are so much more than just snow tires. Summer tires are only good...
  4. J

    Model Y - Gemini Wheels with Hakkapeliitta (Winter) Tires for Sale

    Set of four Model Y 19" Gemini Wheel with Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta R3 (Winter Tires - Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta R3 SUV - Peace of mind for the Northern winter / Nokian Tires). Includes Tesla Tire Pressure Monitoring System & Tesla Gemini Wheel Cap Kit. Nokian Tyres Hakkapeliitta R3 SUV...
  5. J

    4 Like New Pirelli P Zero M3P tires (OEM) for sale. Driven only from the dealer to the auto shop to have Snow tires put on.

    I'm selling 4 like new Pirelli P Zero Summer tires for a Model 3 Performance. They are basically new, as they've only been driven from the dealership to the shop to have snows tires put on for the winter (less than 50 miles driven). They've been stored indoors at room temperature and wrapped...
  6. J

    FS Pirelli P ZERO tires - 235/35R20 - XL - 92Y w/ noise reduction

    Hi all. Picked up my 2022 Model 3 performance last week and swapped out these tires after 302 miles. $1400 OBO Happy to send pictures - thanks!
  7. S

    FS: Pirelli P Zero Tires

    20" 3 of 4 tires have almost 8k miles on them. Running 8/32". 4th tire brand new. TIRES ONLY. Make me an offer! Located in Long Beach, CA
  8. B

    FS- Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3 winter tires

    Bought the tires just last week from Craigslist and found a better deal. Tires were used for one winter only (<5000 miles) and have 10/32nd tread left confirmed. Tires are 255/40R20 101T XL. Asking $800 for the set of 4. Located in Denver, Colorado Prefer not to ship.
  9. A

    WTS 235/35/r20 Michelin PS4s

    I have a single Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S Acoustic tire. Fits many tesla, bmw, Porsche, mclaren, Lamborghini, Ferrari models. *has sound deadening foam* Online retail price = ~ $400 + tax Brand new sealed with shipment protection stickers still on it. Full factory tread. Free local delivery with...
  10. G

    (Denver, CO) NEW Tesla Model Y Performance Factory OEM 21" Uberturbine Wheels with Pirelli P Zero tires and TPMS

    Removed within 25 miles of the Tesla dealership, these are NEW! For sale are a set (4x) Tesla Model Y Performance Factory OEM 21" Uberturbine Wheels. Dark grey rims matched with Pirelli P Zero tires and TPMS sensors included! Will fit Model Y and Model 3. These are factory wheels from the...
  11. Z

    FS: Tesla Model 3 (SR+) Accessories!

    Hi all! Big fan, long time lurker, first time account creator/poster. I couldn't resist the top-dollar offer that my local CarMax gave for my 2019 Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus; it helps that I'm finally getting my 2022 Model Y LR (not from Giga Texas RIP) delivered this Friday, and have...
  12. Z PYD

    FS: Two (2) New Michelin AS4 255/35/21 w/foam insert OEM tires (<200 miles) ATL from 2022 MYP

    Basically brand new perfect condition OEM Tesla Michelin AS4s (255/35/21) taken off of my new 2022 MYP with less than 200 miles on them. Would prefer local sale but open to shipping. Price is ~$550 for the set ( savings of over $200 from retail which is backordered)...
  13. G

    M3P Tires 20” Michelin PS4s

    Have 4 used PS4s for sale in Los Angeles. I am the orginal owner. Perfect as spares or for track day or to hold you over for 10k or so…Looking for best offer. These are ready to go, come get them.
  14. N

    FREE - Michelin Sport 4s Summer Performance Tires 235/35/20

    I’m giving away a set of tires previously used on my Model 3 Performance (2020). Great summer/track option for someone with 20 inch wheels. They have about 10k miles on them and are in good shape. I sold the car and no longer need them. First come, first serve! 40 Twin Circle Drive...
  15. C

    2021 Tesla Model Y 21" Uberturbine Wheels + Pirelli Tires for Sale

    Selling my Telsa Model Y 21" Uberturbine Wheels + Tires for $3,000 or best offer. There are less than 500 miles on them. It does not include TPMS Sensors One of the wheels does have a few minor knicks on it due to transport after I had my new wheels and tires mounted, but other than that, the...
  16. ch1zzle

    FS: OEM 21” Pirelli P Zeros for Model Y Performance - Full Set (~1000 miles)

    Selling a full set of 21” OEM Pirelli P Zeros for the MYP. 1000 miles on them with light city driving. Will be swapping for All Season tires next week. $1000 for the full set. Retails for $1500+ on TireRack. Located in San Francisco - local pickup / delivery in the Bay Area preferred. Will...
  17. J

    {FOR SALE} Michelin Pilot Sport - Model S Rims and Tires - 245/45 R19 - $1500 OBO

    Michelin Pilot Sport Tesla Model S Rims and Tires - 245/45 R 19 Basically New Tires and Rims. Driven 15 miles max. $1500 OBO In La Jolla, San Diego. Pick up or delivery to be discussed
  18. J

    Good year eagle touring t1 tires for sale 245/45/19 98w. Brand New .

    Hi I have new tires for sale for $100 each. If interested please call or text me. 2132756393
  19. C

    FS: MYP Pirelli PZero PZ4 255/35R21 x2 275/35R21 x2

    Practically brand new, 75 miles on them. Perfect condition, no damage or tread wear. Comes with factory insulation on the inside. 2 x Pirelli PZero PZ4 255/35R21 (MYP OE front) - Tire rack retails for $373 2 x Pirelli PZero PZ4 275/35R21 (MYP OE rear) - Tire rack retails for $387 Brand new...
  20. J

    245/45r19 98w for sale new

    I have 3 sets of Goodyear eagle touring with the t1. Brand New and were manufactured in 3321. If interested call me or message me. Phone number 2132756393
  21. R

    Tesla X 22" Onyx - Wheels for sale - Queens, NYC

    Selling MX rims and tires for 3000. Pickup only, Cash only. Unless you can arrange delivery, strictly pick up. New back tires replaced by tesla 4 months ago. 2 x 22X9.0 Turbine wheels 2 x 22X10.0 Turbine wheels 2 x 265/35R22- Pirelli Scorpion tires 2 x 285/35R22- Pirelli Scorpion tires 4 x...
  22. G

    FS: DMV - New Model Y 20” OEM Goodyear Eagle F1 tires (<1k miles)

    Selling brand new set of 4 Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 (M+S) tires. These are the stock (OEM) tires on Tesla Model Y 20” Induction wheels. I decided to get a different set of tires and am selling this brand new set of tires for >25% off the TireRack price. Currently only have 573 miles on...
  23. A

    For Sale: Model Y 2021 Pirelli 21’ Tires

    I recently changed my tires (see post: ) and now looking to sell the stock Pirelli P Zero 255/35-21 XL 98W Front, 275/35-21 XL 103W Rear tires. Tires have ~1000 miles on them. So if you are in MA and/or are willing to drive to Boston metrowest area, do reach out to me. Price: $900 for all four.
  24. I

    245/45/19 Goodyear Eagle Touring OEM. Brand new tires.

    4 brand new Goodyear eagle touring with foam.. 245/45/19 eagle touring t1 sct KE.. With stickers never been mounted.. Asking for 800.. for the set..
  25. B

    Sold Model 3 Winter Tires and Wheels Pirelli Sottozero 3

    ASKING: $800 LOCATION: Waldorf, Maryland. Willing to meet up in the DMV area (Northern VA, DC, MD). Prefer local pickup but willing to deliver anywhere along northeast up to NJ/NYC for a fee. Up for sale is a gently used set of 19" winter wheels and tires that will fit on any Model 3 that isn't...
  26. Devin94539

    Model 3 - Konig 20x8.5 Ampliforms with PS4S

    Selling this set to make room for new wheels. Wheels are in great condition, no curb rash, only a few nicks as shown in pictures. They are Dark Metalic Graphite in 20x8.5, 5x114.3, 30 mm offset and are coming of my model 3 performance. Will be sold with PS4S tires that are in good condition...
  27. N

    FS: Model 3 Michelin Primacy MXM4 tires 235/45/R18 - Alberta Canada

    Only used for 700km, nearly brand new. Asking for $700, local delivery/pickup in Calgary.
  28. C

    Winter Tires & Wheels for Model X

    I recently moved from Montana to Florida and no longer have a use for my set of four winter tires & wheels for my Model X. These fit model years 2015-2020. Any interest?
  29. K

    Turbine 21" Wheels For Sale, with TPMS and an extra set of front tires!

    Turbine 21" Wheels For Sale, with TPMS and an extra set of front tires! Asking $1,400. -Fresh Powder Coat, shiny black - 5x120 staggered setup-- 245 and 265, the extra tires are for the front (the 245). -Extra set of front tires included, they are winter tires! -TPMS included Local Pickup in...
  30. K

    21" Model S Wheels

    I recently changed my Model S wheels from the 21" to the 19", so I am trying to sell my 21" Fresh powder coated 21” Tesla wheels 5x120 staggered setup with an extra set of front tires included. Asking $1,800. Located in Scranton, PA.
  31. LightningLu

    Winter Tires For Sale - Pirelli SottoZero 235/45/R18

    I ordered from Tesla and they come with the rims - Pirelli SottoZero Winter 240 Serie2, 235/45/R18, 8,000 miles. $800. I'm moving to a warm climate. Tires available in Rockville, MD, for pickup.
  32. ncinc99

    FS: 2 Michelin Pilot Sport 4S 235/35ZR20 Tires (Massachusetts)

    Used but in great condition asking $275 for the pair. Michelin Pilot Sport 4S summer only 235/35/ZR20 XL TO (Tesla Acoustic) tires. 7/32"+ tread wear (see photos across tread). Date codes indicate 6th week of 2020 manufactured date. Always stored above 45 degrees during the winter. Located in...
  33. Adonzil

    Pirelli Sottozero 3 Model S Winter Performance Tires with TSW Matte Black Wheels [MICHIGAN]

    Hello! I recently sold a model S and have a set of Winter wheels and tires that I am looking to sell. These tires only have one season on them, I would guess about 1000 miles. They were a fantastic set, but I had to get rid of the car so I no longer need them. The Wheels themselves are in...
  34. R

    245/45R-20 VREDESTEIN HYPERTRAC Martian Wheels Satin Black and Bluetooth TPMS sensors

    So I sold my 2030 model Y Performance and replacing with a 2021 model 3 Performance but I have my wheels/tires I bought for last winter but didn’t use over 100 miles. Anyone interested in the full setup let me know they are mint and look great on the Y. I did the 245/45r20 to give a little...
  35. L

    For Sale: *NEW* 2021 18” Aero Wheels/Tire Set

    Just ordered a 2021 Model 3 and am getting bigger tires/wheels. I will be taking off and selling my full set 18in. Aero wheels/tire as soon as my car is picked up! **Brand New!! the only time they will be driven is to the a car dealership to swap them out for my new ones set!! Asking $1400...
  36. OmarZ

    (1) BRAND NEW TESLA MODEL X TIRE: Pirelli Scorpion

    For sale is: (1) Brand new Pirelli Scorpion Tire specifically for the Model X. 265/35/ZR22 102W- 10/32nd brand new Tesla for the upgraded black wheels. TIRE MSRP: $350+tax = $3 Selling: $300 save some money as this tire has never been mounted and in perfect condition. Text me at...
  37. Flaximus

    Southern NY: Brand new set: Continental ProContact RX 255/45-19 tires from Model Y

    I took delivery of a new Model Y last month and put 106 miles on these tires before I swapped them out for some high-performance sport tires. These sell for $1,085 before tax from the Tire Rack. Selling the full complete set of 4 tires as a single set. Prefer pickup in Westchester but open to...
  38. ibeugene

    Tesla Model Y 21” Überturbine wheels and tires for sale

    I have a set of four Überturbine wheels + tires for sale that came on my performance model Y. Center caps included. They are like-new condition. 21×9.5 40 255/35/21 Pirelli 21×10.5 48 275/35/21 Pirelli 2,000 freeway miles put on them, lots of treads left. Sensors are included. Only four months...
  39. V

    2019 Model 3 18" OEM tires (4x), only 360 miles, Denver Area pickup

    4x Tesla Model 3 OEM tires: Michelin Primacy MXM4 235/45R18 98W XL $730 for all 4. Price is firm. I will work with you on pickup or delivery in the greater metro Denver area. Only 360 miles on these tires (see photos). Four (4) New tires of this type cost almost $1100 on Tirerack. This is...
  40. H

    *New* 2021 TM3 Aero wheels/tires for sale with old tpms.

    Less then 200 miles on the tires, just drive from ‘dealership’. Wheels and tires in perfect condition. $1500 OBO for the set.
  41. D

    FS: Model X 20" Michelin CrossClimate SUV tire set (all weather with snow peak icon)

    These tires are ideal for people going back and forth to ice and snow from a warm location like Los Angeles. They are rated for snow (yes, with the snow peak icon imprinted on the tire!) yet they are engineered to work great in dry summer weather. In other words they are the silver bullet that...
  42. D

    FS: Model X 20" Michelin CrossClimate SUV tire set (all weather with snow peak icon)

    These tires are ideal for people going back and forth to ice and snow from a warm location like Los Angeles. They are rated for snow (yes, with the snow peak icon imprinted on the tire!) yet they are engineered to work great in dry summer weather. In other words they are the silver bullet that...
  43. E

    Tesla 3 - Factory 18" Rims & Michelin Tires

    This is a set of 4 Tesla Aero 18" wheels, rims, tires, and aero hubcaps for a Tesla Model 3. The tires are Michelin MXM4 235/45 R18 98W. We did 3000 miles on it and upgraded to 20". Tread is in great shape. I am in San Ramon, CA. You can come see them if you are around this area. $1,200...
  44. BriAziz

    19” Tempest Wheels, Tires, and TPMS for Sale - $1500 obo

    Hello TMC, Up for sale are nearly brand new 19” tempest wheels, wheel covers, original Goodyear Tires, and TPMS. I just took delivery of the car and the tires and wheels have less than 300 miles on them. I’ve swapped them out for an aftermarket set. The whole set is literally brand new. No...
  45. R

    For Sale - Roadster front tires - Yokohama Advan Neova AD07 - pair - $450

    I am selling a pair of Yokohama Advan Neova AD07 175/55R16 80W I mistakenly order 4 instead of 2 and do not drive enough to need. They are selling for $250 each on TireRack & $280 at SimpleTire.
  46. J

    Tires for sale San Diego

    Apologize if this is the wrong location but I did not see a better place. Is anybody interested in buying a second set of the OEM tires for the 19 inch Y? Stock Tires: 19 inch rims: Continental ProContact RX 255/45-19 104W I am interesting in selling mine, they currently have ~600 miles on...
  47. J

    FOR SALE: 2020 Model 3 18" Aero Wheel and Tire Package NEW

    I took delivery of my first Tesla - 2020 Model 3 and immediately swapped out the wheels/tires. As a result, I have BRAND NEW Aero Wheels and Tires with <15 miles on them for sale - $980 for the set or $245 per wheel/tire: - Brand New Aero Wheels (4) - Michelin Primacy MXM4 235/45R18 98W...
  48. J

    2020 Model 3 18" Aero Wheel and Tire Package FOR SALE - NEW - Las Vegas

    I took delivery of my first Tesla - 2020 Model 3 and immediately swapped out the wheels/tires. As a result, I have BRAND NEW Aero Wheels and Tires with <15 miles on them for sale - $980 for the set or $245 per wheel/tire: - Brand New Aero Wheels (4) - Michelin Primacy MXM4 235/45R18 98W I'd...
  49. L

    Model S Winter Tire and Wheel Package for Sale

    I'm just relocated to a warmer climate and therefore have my winter tire and wheels to sell. Used infrequently and in very good shape. Purchased directly from Tesla (total Cost ~$2700). 4 x Pirelli Sottozero 245/45R19 4x Telsa 19" wheels 4x Tire Totes (Tesla-branded) Asking $1300 OBO...
  50. E

    FS: Model 3 20" Grey Performance Package wheels and tires

    20" Grey Performance Wheels off a 2020 Model 3 Performance Wheels: 1741 miles on wheels/tires Tires and Wheels in PERFECT condition, no scratches, dings, gouges size: 20" x 8.5" bolt diameter: 5x114.3 center bore: 70.2mm Tires: Michelin Pilot Sport 4S Summer tires size: 235/35 R20 92Y As...

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