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  1. B

    If you could provide power to your neighbors, would you?

    The grid is more unstable each year due to increasing renewable penetration without sufficient energy storage. It was designed for slow, stable, turbine-based generators and we are offsetting them with massive banks of inverters that don't contribute a fraction of the stability. The grid of the...
  2. C

    [V2H, V2L, V2G] CCS2 Bi-directional charging ISO 15118-20:2022

    While bi-directional charging has been supported by CHAdeMO for quite some time, there has been no standards for CCS2 to facilitate the same functionality. CHARIN Vehicle to Grid V2G Roadmap I note ISO 15118-20:2022 Road vehicles — Vehicle to grid communication interface — Part 20: 2nd...
  3. Jones1

    Tesla Solar in Houston & Surrounding Area’s

    Greetings. I know a lot of people in my area have Solar on there homes. Some have Tesla Solar. I didn’t see a Thread for My area discussing the Install time , Permit time and PTO time of Tesla Solar. Also I would like to find out What type of systems Tesla has designed for your home. How is it...
  4. willow_hiller

    Tesla DC V2G with a CHAdeMO adaptor

    Amid all the news that bidirectional charging is not possible via the in-built AC to DC rectifier circuit on the Tesla charging board, a lot of people have overlooked the fact that most existing V2G implementations are done DC to DC with an inverter installed outside of the vehicle (on the...
  5. Gwgan

    Powerwall updates after Battery Day?

    No word yet on when Battery Day will happen, but any speculation on what it could mean for Powerwall? Lower prices? Massive production increase? Maybe some retroactive announcement or a posited effect two years down the road? Thoughts and insight?
  6. Olle

    V2G (Vehicle to Grid) Poll

    Just read the interesting poll V2grid (Vehicle to Grid) and Tesla about if V2G was available, would you install it? It polled pretty unfavourably at only 32% yes. Between not wanting to wear out your car's battery pack, already having Powerwalls or living in a state without "Time of Usage"...