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  1. C

    [V2H, V2L, V2G] CCS2 Bi-directional charging ISO 15118-20:2022

    While bi-directional charging has been supported by CHAdeMO for quite some time, there has been no standards for CCS2 to facilitate the same functionality. CHARIN Vehicle to Grid V2G Roadmap I note ISO 15118-20:2022 Road vehicles — Vehicle to grid communication interface — Part 20: 2nd...
  2. Raindog1

    Question; Car to Grid power?

    I'm curious as to if it's possible to charge your car late at night/early morning hours and then use the power at peak times (post 9to5 work hours)? This would allow people to "store" low cost grid usage and use during higher utility times? Any info? Is this a bad/good idea? Thanks
  3. Seir

    Any thoughts about a V2H option for the M3?

    Our power went out on Friday out here for about 5-6 hrs and I was reading that my little old Leaf had enough juice to power the house for much longer than that. Was curious if Tesla Motors was thinking about this kind of application as I started looking for backup generators and then...