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vanity plates

  1. CanadianRob

    Ordered M3P 02-23-21 and Vanity Plates!

    Hey Everyone! Just ordered a white/white M3P on the 23rd of Feb! I was playing around with Vanity Plates on the Service Ontario website and I'm amazed to say, I've got "M3P" Coming for my new M3P :D OH and for anyone wanting a sweet Ontario Vanity Plate, here's some I considered that are...
  2. Marmac

    Just got my new vanity plate

  3. Reekdog

    The Ultimate "Mini Tesla" Accessory?

    Watching my grandson Jackson playing in his RadioFlyer "Mini Tesla", I was admiring how much detail went into making it. The body lines, folding mirrors, charging port and charger, right down to the "Frunk!" And the accessories, that include Silver Turbine wheels, and a car cover. It all got me...
  4. MSEV

    Help Me With These Choices for Model S Vanity Plates

    Help me decide on plates for my Model S by selecting one of the choices in the poll above...