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  1. M

    Wh/mi Range MY 2022

    Hi A great forum and my 1st post!! New Tesla model Y (2022) owner. Just wanted to ask what Wh/mi others are getting. On a recent motorway trip on M6 (110 miles) I got 313 Wh/mi. Used about 50% battery. Went from 80% to 30%. Is this expected, was was driving at 70mph and at times 50mph due to...
  2. K

    Preconditioning & wh/mi & Range estimate on App & charging speeds

    Hello everyone, New to Tesla here! Just got my Model Y (Long range) and went on a long road trip 300 miles or so down and back a couple days later. When traveling down to my destination i had to stop at a supercharger that tesla recommended(Thousand oaks), about 5 minutes before arriving on the...
  3. E

    Seattle Area spring wh/mi check

    Folks, I am trying to get an estimate of what wh/mi folks are getting in the the Seattle area in the PNW this spring. Would love to hear from folks around the area. I understand that there are a lot of factors that affect range besides the weather, but I am hoping that we can get a fair idea if...
  4. D

    Have you guys seen a Wh/mi so high?

    Model Y LR with Induction wheels I drive maybe 20 miles a week and pretty much just city driving. My efficiency looks like trash lately. My driving habits have not changed either. The only factor could be that it is getting colder where I live (Seattle) and as we know the efficiency drops in...
  5. J

    Massive efficiency gain when following someone

    I have a long range model 3 with the 19 inch wheels, temperature plays a factor but I’ve noticed nothing plays as big of a factor as following kinda close behind someone to get great efficiency, I ran 82 mph for over 20 miles at 2-3 car lengths behind a SUV and averaged 240 wh/mi. Obviously that...
  6. R

    New SR+ owner 50amp ok?

    Hey guys new sr+ owner here pick up tomorrow been waiting long time for this. My question is I know the on board charger for my car is less then long range. So is it ok to still use a 50amp breaker on the 14-50 plug? I have friends who have Tesla’s and would like to have that option for them...
  7. borugee

    Model 3 showing wrong kWh consumption?

    I charged my car to 80% after 41miles of driving, it is now at 52%. Since last charge kWh show 14kWh. I did 4 trips of about 10 miles each in winter to accumulate these 41miles. (Also preheated car 2 times for about 10 minutes each). My car LR-AWD charge to 300miles. Here is my math to show...
  8. AlanSubie4Life

    2020, 2019, 2018 Model 3 Battery Capacities & Charging Constants

    I should have done this a while ago, but I've finally compiled all the data that Tesla provides to the EPA, and put it into a spreadsheet. The detailed 2020 test data is now available, so we can see why things are rated the way they are. Through formulas, I've also tried to capture what...
  9. ishareit

    What is the Model 3 SR+ battery size?

    As per the following insideevs article, SR+ has an efficiency of 253 wh/mi (combined highway and city) and a range of 240 miles. Tesla Model 3 EPA Energy Consumption: Standard & Standard Plus This means that the battery size is 60.72 kW to go 240 miles at 253 wh/mi efficiency. However, a real...
  10. C

    Why am I getting 330+ Wh/mi?

    Everything I am reading, people are getting mid to high 200's for Wh/mi but I have had my car just 2 weeks and gotten average 325 and often much worse on a trip. This includes a 180 mile trip I took all at highway speeds where I started with over 300 mi charge and got warning I have to go less...
  11. FalconFour

    A Wh/Mile to Miles/kWh (or Wh/Km to Km/kWh) converter

    tl;dr: miles/kwh converter Since I got the Model 3, I've been frustrated by the Wh/Mile display. Living with a Leaf since 2012, and living with MPG and the concept of "higher is better" my entire life, the whole idea of Wh/Mile and "lower is better" is completely nutty to me. Maybe the bulk of...
  12. V

    Aftermarket wheels worsen wh/mi?

    After installing tsportline 20" wheels to replace my Model X slipstreams, I noticed about a 5-10% increase in wh/mi. Tires are the same. It surprises me because the old and new wheels are the same size. For example, my regular route home would take about 330 wh/mi on slipstreams but is now...
  13. R

    Help understanding Wh/mi (EPA vs. displayed)

    I've had my Model S since August, and am still having a bit of trouble getting a sense of how much energy I'm using. With my old Volt, it was easy: at the end of a trip, you could see miles used, estimated miles left. If I drove 25 miles and had an estimated 10 miles left, that's about 35 miles...
  14. mikes_fsd

    Does X get +10% Energy Efficiency after 2.24.102 Update?

    I follow this thread on the Model S sub-forum +10% Energy Efficiency after 2.24.102 Update There are several folks that have confirmed this on their S... after the update they see consistent energy consumption reduction! My X is on order, so to me it would be awesome to know that by the time I...
  15. hacer

    Rated miles vs Wh/mi

    I'm a new owner, model S 70D refresh (and thus an actual 75 kWh battery but software limited to 70); I've had the car 12 days now. I notice that every day when I go to charge my car that the rated miles consumed exceeds the actual miles, even though my Wh/mi since last charge always seems quite...

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