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  1. S

    WTB: Tesla Model S Roof Rack (for 2014 S 85)

    I am looking for a Whispbar / Yakima / Thule / etc. roof rack system that fits my 2014 Tesla Model S 85 with Panoramic Roof. Message me directly if you have one for sale. I live in Connecticut, and will meet in nearby states or pay for shipping.
  2. J

    Model S Panoramic Roof -- Whispbar Rack for Sale

    Chicago area, $300, used a dozen times for Panoramic roof Model S. Have all parts.
  3. alnmurray

    Model Y 2021 Cargo box

    I'm looking for ideas on which cargo box to put on my 2021 Y. I had purchased one from REI but I had to return it because the clamps were about an inch or 2 too short. I contacted REI for help back in May 2021 & after a few email exchanges, they said I would be contacted by the FIT team. Five...
  4. O

    Roof rack for model y

    Are there any other manufacturers making roof rack for Tesla model y 2020? I’ve been watching to buy it since last year, and its price even increased in 2021, which I didn’t really expect.. really? Price increase on accessories? I’d also like to know if Yakima roof-top tent can be put on model...
  5. E

    Model 3 roof rack parts/components

    Has anyone been successful in purchasing parts/components of the OEM Model 3 roof rack from Tesla and/or Yakima? I pulled into the garage with the bike still on the roof and besides damage to the car (already fixed, thankfully), the only damage to the roof rack was bending two screws and...
  6. GolanB

    Cargo Container - Thule, Yakima, Other?

    I went ahead and ordered the Tesla Roof Rack today, and my next order of business is to find a solid Cargo Container to mount to it. Has anyone had any luck mounting Thule, or Yakima storage containers to the roof of their Model 3 - using the Tesla Roof Rack System? - I realize that these...
  7. E

    Model 3 Roof Rack Options - Comparing Efficiencies

    As winter arrived I was excited to strap a roof rack on my Model 3 and take it to the mountains. I quickly discovered little information out there about how it would impact the range. Given the long cold uphill drive and variable weather conditions, I was determined to find the highest...
  8. F

    Roof Rack - Model S Whispbar on Model 3?

    Has anyone attempted to install the original Tesla-branded Whispbar for Model S on a Model 3? The rack rails appear to be the same design as the new Model 3 [branded] bars, but the mounting hardware is quite different. The mounting hardware is similar to the Yakima Baseline/Baseclip syste. But I...
  9. RobW2428

    Tips?: Pulling trigger on Whispbar bars and Yakima Skybox 16 soon...

    Hey Everyone, I feel like I've read enough threads about bars and cargo boxes, but at some point it all starts to bleed together. Today or tomorrow I'm planning on ordering a set of Whispbars from Tesla (any cheaper way to do it than ordering from Tesla?.... no store near me, so I'll be paying...
  10. SwedishAdvocate

    SS Customs One-Off TeslaVets to Celebrate Veterans Day

    Image Credit: SS Customs (?) Source: SS Customs and Tesla Create One-Off TeslaVets to Celebrate Veterans Day | Automobiles review Surprised this hasn't hit TMC yet.
  11. CaptDaveHowe

    Roof Rack Install and Disassembly

    I am looking into the Tesla roof rack system for carrying our bicycles on trips. One main concern I have is that I would like to remove the roof rack when not in use. How hard is it to install, remove and reinstall the roof rack? Does this roof rack assemble to a pre-connection point in the car?