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Available 19” OEM Tesla Model 3 Stiletto Refresh Silver Sport Wheel Rim 1044264-00-A


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Mar 24, 2023
(2) Wheels Available

19” OEM Tesla Model 3 Stiletto Refresh Silver Sport Wheel Rim 1044264-00-A.

This wheel was removed from a 2023 Tesla Model 3 with the 19" Stiletto Refresh (the newer 19" sport wheel) with only 19 miles on the vehicle!

It was driven from the Tesla dealer directly to a tire shop and replacement wheels were swapped out. The wheel is in absolute mint condition with no markings and still has the small yellow sticker from the dealer.

If you are looking for a mint Tesla stiletto refresh that has not been remanufactured, this is what you want! I have found that remanufactured wheels do not perfectly match the OEM paint color.

Asking $500 ea. + $35 shipping. Willing to negotiate.



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