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2015 Tesla S P85D Autopilot, Insane, Pano,

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Price is $74k or trade. I'd love an X or even another cheaper S. Call or text Paul 602-715-5476.

I would like to sell or trade my Pearl White 2015 Tesla S P85D with INSANE mode with 51k miles. There is NO Tax if you are buying this in AZ as I am NOT a dealer.

Clean clear title in hand no crashes and there is no loan.

The wheels on the car now are factory mint grey turbine 21" with brand new (as of 3/22/18 Continental tires). I also have the pictured 21" custom Rotoform anodized 2 piece rose gold wheels you could swap on (they are $8,000 wheels new). The grey wheels have absolutely no curb rash but the rose gold wheels do have some on a couple wheels. Please add $3,000 to the price if you want the gold wheels as well. Or $2000 I'll keep the grey Turnine.

The sticker price on this car is $133K but that DOESN'T include the $5,000 wrap, the $7,500 Insanenmose or the $1500 Tesla center console. The $133K does include the following below options.

Performance Dual motor Pack $34,600
Tech Pack with Autopilot - $4250
Panoramic Roof - $2500
Tan Next Gen Seats - $2500
21" Grey Turbine wheels - $4500
Ultra High Fidelity Sound - $2500
Premium interior lighting - $3500
Smart Air suspension - $2250
Free Supercharging for life (not included with new models)
Carbon fiber spoiler - $1000
Executive rear seats - $2000
Charger for the home - $500
Alcantara roof $1500

If you have interest please call me or text, no emails. I will trade for another Tesla S or X as well as trade for your watches like Rolex, Panerai, Omega, Breitling, AP, Patek or others older or newer whatever. No junk... call or text Paul 502-715-5476


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