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Adding an OEM (performance) spoiler to LR AWD - tips / guide

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The bug got me to install this on my new to me 2022 LR AWD when I saw the performance models a few months back. I noticed you can get really like new condition ones on ebay and here for 175-250 so I figured why not, lets give it a shot. I'll list some tips and notes along with install photos here.

- Buy pre-cut replacement tape that is made for them, search "TESLA MODEL 3 REAR SPOILER CARBON FIBER 3M VHB OEM PATTERNED ADHESIVE TAPE STRIP" or I used the seller "danielsouthbeach" on ebay. It's 32$ and comes with 3m adhesive promoter which does help long term
- When you get the spoiler you will need to remove some or all of the previous tape, use a heat gun or hair dryer on high to help. When you have gotten all but the most stubborn use a rag and 99% alcohol to remove the rest, cleaning and prepping the surface takes a long time but is very important for the new adhesion. Follow up with adhesion promoter before adding the tape (let it dry after applying)
- Measure multiple times to center the spoiler on your trunk and them once you are certain of the placement user painters tape to outline much of the placement. When you are actually applying the spoiler you will want every guide possible, see photos. Mine ended up being almost exactly 5" from each side to the start of the spoiler
- clean the trunk with water first, let dry. Then clean with alcohol. Then use the adhesion promoter
- when attaching to the car, do many test runs with the tape still covered and practice. I used two little plastic shims taped just on the ends when I did mine because I realized sometimes I would tap them first and that would be bad for final alignment.
- once it is attached be sure to press in and downwards (towards the tires), it is hard to get the upper edge to fully stick because of the concave shape and you are flying a bit blind.
- hold pressure by leaning on sections for several minutes starting from the center moving outward (alternating sides)

Screenshot 2023-06-23 at 10.54.13 AM.png

Prepping the surface


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Is the Adhesion Promoter safe for the paint? If you remove it at some point (or the next owner does, etc)
I think it is, nothing states explicitly not to use on car paint and it is an automotive paint. I guess I'll know in a few years when I possibly have to re-apply the spoiler as others have. Or maybe I wont since it has this being used.

But also worth noting it doesn't say to use it on car paint areas anywhere. 🤷‍♂️