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All-time record!

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One can NOT induce accuracy via precision!
Mar 24, 2013
Walllll, boyz 'n grilz.......

It is still August, albeit barely, and at 0645 here, the temperature is.....

+18ºF / -8ºC

Now, later I'll have to paw through my records. We have been a NWS recording station since the mid-1970s, but I am pretty sure that is an all-time low for the month of August.

Paxson occasionally has the lowest temperature record for North America. Invariably that is in early-mid autumn, when farther north in Alaska and Canada the lower elevations than where we are high in the mountains don't get the brisk temps that we see; as winter deepens we'll never get the Martian numbers they can have. At least once, I think it was early October, we had a global-wide low of -29ºF (possibly ex-Antarctica, although at that time they're in summer).

And we passed various heat and rainfall records here in FL, I measured 111F in the shade last week with 85% humidity. A few days ago I saw what I though was a big snake flopping about in one of our pastures, on closer inspection it turned out to be a catfish(!) making its way from our lake to the creek; that's when you know your fields are flooded.....
That's a bit cold

Having said that, I can think of some advantages of such cold weather:

No bugs and consequently less disease carrying bugs
No mice / rats (?)
Being cold causes more calorie burn, consequently larger food intake may not cause weight gain - yikes I should move to somewhere colder, then I could eat 2 chocolates a day instead of one
People that work hard to master their harsh environment tend to gain an edge over rest of us sun guzzlers that have it easy and warm all year round


There is always something to look forward: the warmth of the home when coming back from the roaming trips, and the buzz of planning the next conquest


I better stop, or I might talk myself into moving to Tasmania