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  1. E

    Who is Solar Tax Association?

    Signed up with Tesla for solar at the beginning of the month and, according to mysolarcity, we'll be getting a call for the install soon. Out of the blue today, I got cold-called by the Solar Tax Association (Solar Tax Association, LLC) and the caller said there's additional rebates above and...
  2. David99

    If an ICE blocks a Supercharger...

    This is what you do with an ICE-hole oddly satisfying
  3. Struja

    EV Cars and Type A Personalities

    I went on my 5th or 6th road trip this past weekend and it wasn't a very long one but it the two main points of travel were between Toronto and Detroit. I have family in the Detroit and surrounding area and I have made this trip probably more than 300 times over the course of my life. Anyone...
  4. Curt Renz

    Venus As The 2018 Evening Star

    Venus has commenced its apparition as the brilliant Evening Star in the western sky after sunset following its superior conjunction behind the Sun on 2018 JAN 08. I’ve created a more detailed article about this apparition, and several graphics related to the motions of Venus, including one...
  5. Acho

    Move to Vegas, they said, There is no winter, they said...

    Well..... this is from today ;)
  6. T

    How to file tax return for model s 60

    What do you guys put in for the battery size and the weight of the car when filing the 7500 rebate from California? How come I am only qualified for like 3500 out of the 7500? Is my tax guy doing it wrong?
  7. ggr

    Fundraising: Bletchley Park Bombe

    Bletchley Park is where much of the cryptanalysis of the World War 2 communications was done. Movies have been made, books written, what is now acknowledged as the first computer (Colossus) was built (and later destroyed) and everything about it was kept secret for decades. Alan Turing worked...
  8. H

    Starman Shirt

    I hope you don't ming me posting. The design is only available for 48 hours, then it is gone forever! Blipshift www.blipshift.com
  9. SpiceWare

    Augmented Reality books

    A few years back I picked up Anomaly and Shifter, a couple of Augmented Reality books that use your smartphone/tablet to add additional content to the story. Stopped in at Barnes & Noble today and see that the sequel to Anomaly has been released. I posted a quick video demo of it on Facebook...
  10. lunitiks

    Elon's Roadster (Starman) collectible / toy?

    Where to buy? :) (Kind of a mandatory office desk thingie now, I guess)
  11. Drone Flyer

    New USB stick for seniors who need Tesla info handy!

    This would be great for anyone actually! USB stick for seniors.
  12. S

    You You Xue (touring Tesla Model 3 man) on Judge Judy?

    I've seen a number of videos on here that You You Xue made as he drove across the U.S. in his new Model 3, as well as photos others have posted meeting him along the way. So I kind of know what he looks like even though I haven't met him. Well tonight (Th 02/01/18) as we were tuning in to watch...
  13. M

    King of the Hypercars is a ... Chevy???

    During the 24hr validation testing of the production 2019 Corvette ZR1, GM engineer Jim Mero pushed the $123,000 Corvette around Virginia International Raceway to a 2m37.25s lap. Yes, that is a record for all production cars. Yes, that includes the stunning $845,000 Porsche 918, and the...
  14. M

    SoCal folk. 4:53 am

    Go look west right now. I'm not good enough with a camera to capture it. The lunar eclipse with a red very large moon.
  15. reddy

    Park your drug money as a Tesla deposit

    This guy tried and failed. Warrant: Funds for Tesla vehicle seized during kidnapping, sex trafficking investigation LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - A Lubbock man was arrested in Clovis, New Mexico earlier this month after he was accused of an aggravated kidnapping which happened in Lubbock. Officials...
  16. Brando

    Theories - Lithium Ion batteries and even water need working theories

    You'd think science understands something as simple as water = 2 Hydrogen + 1 Oxygen = H2O Jeff Dahn talks usually mention the lack of theories to guide Li-Ion battery development. So trial and error and slow progress 5-7% year by year. You can search the Forums or YouTube to find Jeff Dahn...
  17. BluestarE3

    Elon confirms existence of future Tesla vehicle!

    Leaked photo shows future transportation product from Tesla and Elon acknowledges its existence:
  18. M

    International Driver’s License

    I want to make such licence for me, because I often visit different countries. Have someone of you this licence? How can I make it?
  19. S

    Parking sensor for hearing impaired driver

    As a person who's suffering from impaired hearing (a result of an accident from my childhood), I have been on the lookout for a well-rounded smartphone application to help me every time I park my car. I'm having a hard time hearing my sensor beeps. What app do you use?
  20. Curt Renz

    Total Lunar Eclipse - 2018 JAN 31

    A Total Lunar Eclipse will be witnessed by many North Americans during the predawn hours of Wednesday 2018 JAN 31. It can be seen throughout Asia and Australasia during the evening. This will occur with the Full Moon near perigee making it appear especially wide, although not quite as wide as...
  21. P

    Purchase Tesla in Morocc

    Hi, what is the best way for me to be able to purchase one for shipment to Morocco (unless there are companies here who have already imported) either outright or through finance / leasing. Phil
  22. Dameon

    For those looking for a new pad in FL...

    Appears to be Tesla friendly. Must have at least 2 chargers in the garage... 3525 Anchorage Way, Miami, FL 33133 - MLS# A10403994 | Estately
  23. ABCTG

    Smart Solar Home for the rest of us...

    When the landlord/owner next door moved with his wife into his house after 20 years of renting it out; the first thing he did was put in a brand new central air conditioning unit, which probably provided much better living conditions than the existing window A/C units. As a renter myself...
  24. malcolm

    Musk vs Wonka

    Elon Musk’s Boring Company sends out invites to hat buyers to drive boring machine and tour tunnel Original Song Come with me And you'll be In a world of modern excavation. Take a look And you'll see Lots of holes for transportation. Grab your hat! Don't look back! Travelling like a Horta on...
  25. J

    Roundup - glyphosate

    This is reply to Video: Ever wonder how lithium is mined for batteries? Damage done by Agent Orange in Vietnam was caused by 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-para-dioxin. Google search 'agent orange impurity' gives more than enough. For example...
  26. lunitiks

    Range Anxiety and more snow in Cali?

    Where are you guys? According to the trash bin, the latest post by AR was: After that it seems he's been trying to morse something by his post ratings... I think they are in some kind of Interstellar mode
  27. AudubonB

    "Tesla Transport" - for owner<-->owner shipments

    Jan 15 2018: Am beginning this thread, which is similar to ones found on other enthusiast boards, as a clearinghouse for members who either are in need of assistance of (usually awkward) shipments, or are headed in some reasonably long-distance direction and could provide same. My first one...
  28. F

    +1 Factory Tour Spring/Summer 2018

    Hello, I am a German high school graduate who is doing a gap year in Canada right now. I also want to come to California eventually (could go there from April to June) and would love to be able to tour the Tesla factory in Fremont. Obviously, I don't own a Tesla but very interested in and...
  29. Kuhz

    Best Spot in The Lot - Pro Parking

    We are all careful where we park to avoid door dings and other related damage. Some hug the curb, others park way in the back, and some park next to another expensive vehicle. Post pics of those perfect or best spots you’ve parked in. Please only photos of your own car. I’ll start with these...
  30. DrComputer

    Japanese Banana?

    So what owner made this a favorite on the Slacker station? :)
  31. pdxgibby

    Telsa Motors Offline for Maintenance

    Interesting.... Model 3 delivery estimate updates? Model S refresh? Model X refresh? None of the above? All of the above? Let the speculation begin.... :)
  32. Curt Renz

    Mars Appears Near Jupiter - 2018 JAN 06

    Mars and Jupiter will be separated by only 0.2° on 2018 JAN 06. But that will occur during the evening for North Americans when those planets will be beneath the horizon. During the predawn hours of JAN 06 & 07, they will be above the horizon and appear separated by 0.3°. That should place them...
  33. R

    Referral rewards disappeared

    Checked my acct this morning and my rewards page was gone. Thinking it’s a glitch I just rechecked and it’s the same. Only shows my and car supercharging info. The loot box in the Tesla app doesn’t load either. I am able to see the car status and everything else within the app as before. When...
  34. arcus

    2017 in retrospect

    End of the year is usually a time to reflect on all sort of things. I have added one more to the list this time: EVs. Year 2017 in retrospect Let me know what you guys think. Dear moderators, hopefully it is OK to insert some shameless plug from time to time. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!
  35. AudubonB

    Bloomberg 29Dec2017 on Tucker Sno-Cats

    This just came across my screen: A $125,000 Snow Machine Is the Latest Toy of the Superrich Anyone know anyone superrich? One of the happier moments of my life was when I sold my 1956!!!!! Tucker. And I didn't get $125,000 for it. You'd need to chop off a lot of zeros and still perform...
  36. Pinarello

    My Tesla Bicycle

    I built a custom gravel bike as a Christmas present to myself (with my wife's support). I purchased all the parts over the past few months including the carbon frame and wheels. I built the bike, but it looked too bland without any logos. After racking my brain for a while, I decided to dress up...
  37. S

    Discovery Channel: (new series) Tesla's Death Ray: A Murder Declassified

    Just noticed on Discovery Channel there's a new series on Nikola Tesla. Investigative team of people looking for his death ray, maybe more not sure what the series will cover. Season 1 episode 0 "Real Genius" is currently posted to the Discovery Channel app now (41 min). Seems to be an overview...
  38. S

    Help! Radio flyer need troubleshooting assistance

    Got a radio flyer from referral code tonight. Christmas Eve! Darn thing won’t work. The battery doesn’t want to seem to stay on. Can’t figure out how to get it to work. It worked for a moment. The light switch worked and I tested the petal and it went. Now it won’t go. Please help! Thanks!!
  39. anticitizen13.7

    Apple iOS firmware updates cause iPhone CPU throttling

    Apple is now facing a situation that is somewhat similar to Tesla's Supercharger throttling of the 90 kWh battery packs after a certain amount of uses: Apple Addresses Alleged Throttling of iPhones With Degraded Batteries Around 2016, some iPhone 6s users began experiencing unexpected device...
  40. C

    Anybody order a Tovala?

    Mine arrives next week - can't wait to see if the meals are good.
  41. WillK

    Thank You Elon!

    I am grateful for all you are doing to make this world a better place to live in. The cars, the batteries, the rockets and factories. The things you are doing are inspiring. Really mind blowing. I wish you continued success and happiness.
  42. C

    Anybody own a Phaeton? Got the itch to buy one.

    It must be the FSD wait getting to me but I have the urge to pick up one of these puppies. Anyone actually own one?
  43. M

    2018 Tax Calculator - CNN Version.

    Use this calculator to see how the tax bill affects your paycheck - CNNPolitics But don't take it too seriously. I should save about 10% next year and that doesn't count my Solar deduction or EV credits. CNN says 0.8% savings.
  44. 4

    Problem with EvEverything

    I placed an order for floor mats on November 24 with EvEverything. They processed my payment and sent a receipt by email. To date, I've received no further communication and sent several emails requesting the status of my order, all of which have been unanswered. They do not show a phone...
  45. A

    Santa Claus Resigning due to Allegations of Sexual Misconduct

    ONION, NJ. - Another public figure has been caught up in the #MeToo movement: Santa Claus, who announced his resignation, effective immediately. This will have the effect of canceling Christmas this year, as well as the lay-off of over 12,000 elves. It seems that Claudine Robbins, a 102-year old...
  46. cpa

    Selected tax law changes for 2018-2025

    I scanned the new tax legislation that is currently awaiting signature from the President. I thought that I would share some of items that did not get a lot of publicity yet could affect some of you or your families. The usual caveats apply: --Don't believe everything you read on the...
  47. CBPfromTN

    Tax Credit Ending Dec. 31, 2017 OR.....is it?

    Hello, all. I ordered my Model S last week and won't likely take delivery before February 1, 2018. I know the federal tax credit of $7,500 is/was supposed to officially end at the end of 2017, but there has been "talk" that it might not end and will possibly be extended. My question is this...
  48. nwdiver

    Artificial Intelligence

    CGP Grey posted a new video on Machine Learning that was somewhat eye-opening. I knew that AI was incredibly complicated... what I didn't realize was that no one really knows how it does what it does... It's more than a little unsettling... My understanding of this is that engineers...
  49. AudubonB

    I am SO sorry -

    ...for all who are not privileged to be sharing in the caribou stew we're eating this evening. Whether you are Jeff B, or Warren B, or Bill and Melinda G, or Elon M..... you are truly unfortunate. I've made stews for lo these many years, but this new recipe we're trying, plus a little custom...
  50. SnowFlyer

    Thoughts on Garmin Dash Cams?

    This is my first time considering a dash cam so I'm a total noob in this realm. I've read many people on this forum discussing a few brands that I've never heard of outside of the dash cam world, such as Blackview. I was considering the 750 and now I just realized Garmin makes dash cams...