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Allegacy FCU and switching VINs?

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Long story short: Put a deposit on an inventory X, financing done with Allegacy (1.99%!). Supposed to pickup today. Get a text saying postponed. Called, told the X needs a new HV battery. Cannot guarantee when battery will arrive so cannot guarantee end of quarter incentives. I.e. Your SOL.

Found another similar inventory model but not sure if I can switch vehicles "just like that." Allegacy already fedex'd the check to Tesla Fremont for the original vehicle. The replacement is slightly cheaper if that helps.

Anybody who's worked with Allegacy know the answer to this question? TIA. By the time I found this out, it was already 6:30PM on the east coast, will call Allegacy in the AM.
Have been lurking around here a bit, but your post compelled me to register because I just faced this precise situation with both Tesla and Allegacy!

I had a delivery cancelled the night before last week (car was in the body shop and not expected out anytime soon!?). Of course Tesla Fremont had conveniently already cashed the check. I'm currently rescheduled for a delivery this weekend for a new VIN. I sent the new MVPA to Allegacy and they just had me docusign a simple form documenting the collateral change for the loan. Very simple.

Assuming take delivery this weekend, I'm probably out a few days of interest but could be a whole lot worse. Even though my first time ever dealing with Allegacy--they are a complete delight and they will no doubt be the least of your troubles in this transaction!
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