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Any Interest in this Wheel??

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I've seen many posts about people asking about this wheel or that wheel, but many are what I consider "bling" wheels.
They look pretty but have no certification of testing done on them. I understand all wheels can fail, but I wouldn't buy a wheel that isn't JWL/VIA or TUV tested or certified for my specific weight vehicle. Having a wheel fit, isn't good enough. What's the point of getting the safest car ever crash tested and then putting crappy wheels on it??

APEX has been making quality wheels for BMW's for many years now. They initially build wheels meant for track driving and the ARC8 has pretty much become the go to wheel for MANY track cars because of cost, wheel weight and strength. They recently started a PS7 line that's more oriented for street cars and added some subtle but nice details for the wheels to look nicer. I sent them an email to see if they're interested in making a wheel for the MS. They'd like to see interest from people before they design and build a wheel. They usually start with a group buy once they've designed a wheel. Currently, they only have the PS7 in 19" but I proposed a 20" wheels to split the difference between appearances and efficiency. Keep in mind, this wheel would be a very lightweight. Their 19 x 9 wheels are around 22.5 lbs. Here's a pic of that wheel. It comes in 3 finishes. There's also a black and silver finish in the link below.


19x9" ET35 APEX PS-7 Wheel

I have no idea what the center bore is for Tesla. The offsets should be fine.

APEX doesn't have a 20" wheel right now, but I can't imagine it costing that much more for a 20" version. They always start with a group buy and that takes a couple hundred off a set of wheels.