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Model S

  1. axalam

    Opinion needed - 2017 Model S 90D - 38K miles

    Hey everyone, I am currently in the process of buying a car with all features and options. The car is a 2017 Tesla Model S 90D with 38,000 miles. The features include: Free transferable supercharging (verified with option codes. Also car is a 12/2016 build but vin is 2017) Free premium...
  2. Tezzie

    Dreamcase Model S in Southern CA

    Will pay cash or Venmo and pick up in Southern California.
  3. T

    For Sale: Model S 21" Turbine Wheel (5X120)

    Location: Rochester NY Price : Best offer contact: (585) 210-0330 Came off a 2015 Tesla model S. 5x120 bolt pattern. Aggressive 21" Wheels that signify a performance vehicle. Preferred by many car enthusiasts, 21" wheels allow tires with a lower profile to ably fill in the wheel well for a...
  4. Sunshine State

    2020 Model S Long Range Plus, delivered new in 2021

    $84,500, Loc. South Florida, Possibly the sharpest Raven Model S LR+! only 4,900 miles, just purchased January 2021, 6 months new, 403 mile range, Blue with silver 21" Arachnids, red calipers, carbon fiber spoiler, aluminum pedals, Raven suspension, full one pedal driving to a stop. I own a...
  5. OilSucks

    FS: 2017 Model S 75D - Metallic Silver - Premium White Interior/Carbon Fiber - No FSD - AP Enabled - 46,xxx miles

    Hi all, Looking to sell my December 2017 build Model S 75D for 43k with the following stats: * 46,xxx on the odometer (could go up a bit since I'll be shopping around for a buyer for the car). Original warranty still available until December 2021 and an extra 1 year/10k miles after that. *...
  6. C

    2017 Model S Milling Noise [Resolved]

    My 2017 model S (40k miles) recently started making the dreaded "milling noise". I took it into the service center (Las Vegas) where the technician quickly diagnosed the issue and said I needed a new drivetrain. The next day I received the following message: "We had our technician complete...
  7. K

    2021 Model S build quality vs Model 3

    I’ve had a Model 3 Performance for 2.5 years now. Excellent driving dynamics, poor build quality. I’m thinking about getting a Model S now. How would you guys compare the build quality between the 3 and S. I understand the new 2021 S isn’t out yet, but maybe some of your experience with the...
  8. S

    Found Model S fob and key ring in Morgan Hill

    Really not sure where to post this but felt the need to reach out in the hopes maybe the Model S owner who lost his Key Fob in Morgan Hill on Sunday 6/6 near the downtown parking garage will see this. My husband was downtown near the parking garage and recognized a Tesla fob just laying on one...
  9. K

    Model S Facelift AWD retrofit?

    i found some old discussion for Pre-Facelift Model S in this forum but was wondering if an AWD retrofit might be possible for the facelifts? At least for Model 3 it seems to be "relatively" straightforward as you just need to add the front drive unit (maybe a different battery pack as you need...
  10. A

    Model S Reservations

    Hi, I have two Model S reservations in place that I created nearly two months ago. Long story short, I placed $100 reservations on a Model 3 Performance, a Tri-Motor Cybertruck, and two Plaid Model S vehicles during a manic episode. I ended up going through and purchasing the Model 3 however I...
  11. axalam

    WTB: Tesla Model S 2016.5 - 90D or 100D - with FUSC

    Hey everyone, Trying my luck here. I am currently in the market to buy a Tesla Model S 2016.5 with either a 90D or 100D battery. At minimum the car should have EAP and Free Transferable Supercharging (FUSC). So basically an AP2+ I would prefer the car to have full options; so with subzero...
  12. skrenes

    Tesla Model S Door Handle Microswitch UPGRADED Harness Replacement

    Hi everyone. I've grown tired of having my Model S door handles repaired every year, especially since I'm now out of warranty and I think it's about $400 each time. EV tuning has an upgraded micro-switch/wire replacement that seems problem free. The trouble is the shipping is obscene ($111.62...
  13. T

    Annoying noise at high speeds on Model S

    Hey! Hope everyone is doing well. Here I am with another question, rather a mystery for me this time. Skip to the QUESTION part if you are not interested in my little trip which I will mention shortly as I am very very happy with my car. I feel like sharing. :) I just had a 2750km trip by...
  14. Leeon

    Refresh Model S spotted in San Diego...

    Seen a 2021 Refresh Model S in San Diego. White on White... and I can confirm it had the Yolk steering wheel. Didn't have a rear badge so I’m assuming it was the long range. Looking forward to an update on my order.
  15. Leeon

    Refresh Model S Spotted in San Diego

    Seen a 2021 Refresh Model S in San Diego. White on White... and I can confirm it had the Yolk steering wheel. Didn't have a rear badge so I’m assuming it was the long range. Looking forward to an update on my order.
  16. pinke2323

    Model S 19" factory OEM wheels

    Looking to sell set of 4 Model S 19" factory OEM wheels for $500. I replaced these on my 2015 70D in 2019, so about 4 years of use. One of the rims is slightly bent (I've marked it); the other 3 are in great shape with minimal cosmetic imperfections. Comes with 4 Tesla "T" center caps. More...
  17. M

    Service gone to crap... Suspension / brake problems

    Bought a used P85+ with ~25k miles just past 4 years ago and got the full 4 year bumper to bumper warranty with it. I've never loved a car so much. The few problems I had in the beginning were handled extremely well- most fixes happening in my work's parking lot. Fast forward a year and Tesla...
  18. antdun

    Review Of My 2015 Model S 85D at 100,000 Miles

    This week we've now had our Tesla Model S for 2 years! We purchased it as a used CPO vehicle from Tesla and we've driven 36,204 miles in that time mostly on road trips many of which are documented on my YouTube channel. I made a video outlining all the repairs our Model S has undergone in it's...
  19. I

    WTB Model S P100d - West Coast

    Looking to buy P100d. FUSC a must and FSD a plus. Located on west coast but willing to fly out for the right car.
  20. S

    Changing SIM / Modem / MCU on US Spec Car

    Hello, I know this has been asked previously but couldn't find an answer: Any chance you are aware of a way to replace the SIM / Modem / MCU of US spec Model S to be able to get connectivity to the car in UAE and also get navigation to start working. Am also open to 3rd party garages that...
  21. J

    FS: Satin Black P90DL Model S w/ 3rd Row Seats & FUSC

    Hi folks, Up for sale is my 2015 P90D with Ludicrous speed upgrade. Car is located in Frederick, MD and has approximately 63,000 miles. I am the second owner and purchased via private sale. Free Unlimited Supercharging (FUSC) will transfer with sale. This is a V1 battery car that has a 90% SOC...
  22. D

    FS: 2016.5 Model S 90D, 34,XXX miles $50995

    Hi all - selling our 2016.5 (post-facelift) Model S 90D. Options list below, Free Unlimited Supercharging is transferrable (we are second owners, was transferred to us 1 yr ago). Everything else is self-explanatory. Just had new windshield installed (rock chip) along with 12V battery replaced...
  23. T

    Four 2020 Tesla Model S Factory 19 Wheels with caps OEM Rims 5x12

    This is a set of factory 2020 tesla Model S 19 inch wheels with Hubcaps, less than 1000 miles on them. Note: This is an alloy wheel with a full hubcap cover. Caps included, No sensors. Pick up from Brooklyn, NY or could deliver nearby for a fee. Asking $995 for the set.
  24. AlreadyPro

    Rear Cargo Well Liner

    I'm trying to find an all-weather liner for the rear cargo well for my Model S. I've found a product offered by WeatherTech, but I'm looking for a cheaper solution (less than $50). Torque Alliance offers one for the Model X, and it's only $30! Anyone know where I can find something like this?
  25. Z

    Tesla S windshield noise fix DIY

    Hey guys, I thought I would share my mod with you. I was experiencing some windshield noise with speeds over 50mph. I did some research and experimented with putting tape over windshield holes around. It fixed it so I came up with solution that you might find interesting. It completely fixes...
  26. ragweedd

    Models S rear hatch screw caps

    Does anyone know where I can purchase a replacement Model S rear hatch rubber screw cap?
  27. E

    FS: Rear Facing Seat from 2013 MS

    Rear Facing Seat for 3rd row from my Model S in great condition for $950.00 (includes mounting nut/bolts). Only flaw is is the plastic cup holder is faded. All of the seating material and seat belts are like new. I think it was sat in maybe twice. Located in zip 10533 for pick up.
  28. T

    Should I Buy a Used 2013-2014 Tesla Model S?

    Is a used 2013 or even used 2014 Tesla Model S worth it in 2021 and the years to come? I’m needing a new car in a bad way and I am in the position that I don’t like any other car except Tesla. In other words I have fallen in love with them. As a teacher/coach this isn’t the easiest task to...
  29. VictorDot

    Model Y FSD IN Canada,

    Did my model Y got a software glitch update or is it normal? This is the last time I’ve updated my 2021 mY, I won’t update it anymore.
  30. VictorDot

    Why did I choose Tesla again?

    Those are the reasons why I’ve decided to buy another Tesla ..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HB86hEo6bp0
  31. A

    Need Tesla Model S keys/ looking for previous owner

    Hey guys I just purchased a project car 2021 Tesla Model S it doesn’t not have a key, purchased new keys will pair it with the car soon, but still hoping one of you will recognize this vehicle or know the previous owner, I would love to purchase the original keys. I purchased the car from...
  32. encinoman

    Model S Sunshade

    In great shape. Made by Heatshield specifically to fit Model S. $45 new. Will sell for $20 Located in Los Angeles.
  33. L

    Got into an accident...

    Got into an accident today. Not fun since I have only had this car for 3 months now. Axle collapsed, and could not really drive it much. Air Suspension also collapsed from the crash. Fender is banged up, and headlight is cracked, apart from the rest of the bumper damage. Wheel was scratched...
  34. D

    Can a battery coolant heater replacement cause coolant leak?

    Hi all, I had to have my battery coolant heater replaced in February for my 2015 Model S when I received error messages that said "vehicle may not restart" and "acceleration and speed reduced". During this service appointment, they also seem to have topped off the coolant (the coolant is listed...
  35. V

    Rear trunk won't close

    After loading some (OK, a lot) stuff into the trunk of my 2015 MS, the trunk would close part way, beep, then open back up. I assumed it was because it was too full, and the trunk was bumping against something when it tried to close. I rearranged some items and tried again, but the trunk beeped...
  36. M

    From Clarity Electric to Used Model S - Advice Needed

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum and am looking for some advice in buying a used Model S. My family experienced EVs for the first time when we leased a 2017 Honda Clarity Electric (not the PHEV) that we just returned. I don't think we can ever go back to a gas or even hybrid car. I've been...
  37. outeast

    For Sale: 2016.5 (11/16 build) 75D Model S NYC Area

    Gauging interest/looking to sell my Model S 75D. I'm the second owner. I purchased last year in feb. directly from tesla with 8,800 miles on the vehicle. Previous owner was a lease. ASKING 46.9k Garage Kept Tesla Model S 75D Dual Motor FULL SELF-DRIVING AUTOPILOT 3.0 Hardware (free upgraded...
  38. T

    New S/X "Gear Shifts"

    So there are 3 ways to select gears in the new S/X - automatically, on the steering wheel, and on the screen. Follow the thread to see the details:
  39. VictorDot

    Selling 21 OEM black Turbines

    I’ve sold my Model S and no longer need those. They are rare and will make any model S looking gorgeous. Ready to be installed, enough rubber for at least one full season. Selling my OEM Original Turbines for Tesla model S with Michelin sport tires. Centre cup is custom made to match the wheel...
  40. Telanon

    Vendor LaneAhead® System using radar to spot crash danger and focus driver attention

    In addition to the poll above, if you own or have on order an Autopilot-equipped Model S or X, please consider taking this interest survey with only seven click-the-answer-box questions: LaneAhead® Driver Support System . It gives details for Mobileye’s 630 vision-based system for some...
  41. B

    OEM Model S Indoor Car Cover $100

    Tesla OEM Model S indoor car cover with storage bag for sale. Used 2013 version but still in great condition since only used occasionally and always inside garage. $100 OBO plus shipping via UPS (estimated at $35; cheaper to East Coast), payable via PayPal. $325 new at Tesla store, but currently...
  42. J

    Door opens on its own

    Several hours after I washed my 2018 Model S in a no touch high pressure wash while parked in my garage I got a notification that my driver door was open. I went out and found the door ajar. I thought I must’ve left it ajar myself and wondered why I didn’t get notified earlier. A little while...
  43. K

    2017 Model S 90D for sale

    2017 Tesla Model S 90D, 25,900 miles, all options available at the time including air adjustable ride height and full glass retractable panoramic sunroof. Great car and would love to keep but moving to MT and not much charging/service available. No accidents, clean title. price: $52k obo...
  44. Cheburashka

    HOW TO: Replace Headlights in Refresh (2016+) Model S

    So like many others, I've been having issues with my DRLs "burning out" on my Model S. I'm on my 4th set of headlights now. Tesla has changed revisions of the headlights throughout the years and we are now on revision F (mid 2021). Let's hope that the problem doesn't come back. The DRL's...
  45. P

    Roestvorming model S

    Dit weekend eindelijk maar eens de frunk opengemaakt om te kijken hoe het gesteld is met hetgeen zich daaronder bevindt. Het betreft een Model S van 2017. Ik was toch verbaasd over het feit dat er toch wel wat roest aanwezig was op sommige onderdelen. Zijn er forumleden die kunnen aangeven of...
  46. J

    Preowned Model S delivery for experience (so far)

    Since there are others interested/looking at buying a preowned Tesla, I thought I’d write a quick summary of how things have gone for me since I paid the deposit for a preowned Model S last month. In short - not well. I paid the 2500 deposit and delivery fee on 2/6. My original delivery date...
  47. S

    Model S Horn Replacement

    Around 5 months ago, I was driving through a parking lot and hit a deceivingly shallow puddle. The water had enough force to go up into the lower grill area and pop the pre-refresh nose cone off. That part snapped back on and there didn't seem to be any other damage at the time.... Until I...
  48. S

    FS: Model S. Tesla All Weather Mats (Interior complete plus Full Trunk Set)

    Selling a near full set for $250 (only missing is frunk mat). Tesla All Weather Mats (Interior complete plus Full Trunk Set). This retails $445 new from Tesla (before tax/shipping). I am in Los Angeles area. Freshly scrubbed and hosed down. Used but in good condition (water/shadows looks a...
  49. Slam_EVS

    WTB: Tesla Model S Roof Rack Vancouver BC Canada

    Hi Tesla Family. Posting thread if anyone is looking to sell their roof rack for their model s full panoramic glass roof im interested in what you got! Willing to pay for shipping if from US and good price :) Thank you!
  50. Telanon

    Vendor MaxSavr® System for recording & privately replaying Autopilot/driver data

    Has anyone driving your Tesla experienced a strange or dangerous situation, or even a crash? (If you weren’t there, unless there was a crash or traffic ticket, how would you even know?) If so, were you later able to get a clear understanding what the driver &/or Autopilot did in the critical...

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