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Calcium batteries

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Mar 6, 2013
San Diego
Researchers have been slowly working on a possible replacement of Lithium for rechargeable batteries. They have been looking at both Magnesium or Calcium. Calcium looked promising, one nice property is that it has two electrons per ion as opposed to Lithium’s one, but they had been stymied due to not being to find an electrolyte that worked. Well, that dam has apparently been broken with the discovery of a Florine based electrolyte.

This is very, very early stages in this research. If it goes anywhere, it’ll be many years off.

Towards stable and efficient electrolytes for room-temperature rechargeable calcium batteries - Energy & Environmental Science (RSC Publishing)
reminder (another mystery of our universe): We don't scientifically understand how batteries actually work - no theories that can predict chemical behavior of "battery chemistries". Therefore: all battery advances are by trial and error experimentation.

Many Nobel Prizes will be award for those that develop the theories that can explain battery chemistries.
For now we rely on intuition to try the next experiment.

good luck, keep up the hard work
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