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Calculating cost of electricity used

I don't see an app like Stats for Android. I don't want to get a subscription model that charges a monthly fee for each Tesla. Especially it is desktop based and has a lot of info that I don't really need.

I have set up Trip A as monthly data and Trip B as Life time data. The Trip A is reset on the 1st of each month.

I can get the KWh used each month from the bottom of trip A, right? And I multiply that by the cost of electricity used (12c per KWh) to know my cost of electricity. I almost never use supercharger and if I do I might subtract that and file it separately or add that KWh as increased cost electricity.

I would like to know what is the approximate wasted electricity between the meter and what the car uses by the AC-DC conversion and other wastage. Is it 10%. I can that multiply that to my total bill.

I just want an approximate monthly amount to compare with what I spent before, which was almost exclusively Costco gas.
I think 15-20% loss is expected, but I think you'd also need to factor phantom drain, which according to Stats across all users would be somewhere in the range of 0.3mi/hr whenever it isn't plugged in. Likely more if you're heavily using Sentry Mode.