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Can Charge at generic stations but not Tesla Superchargers!

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A puzzling one for me. I have a USA 2021 Tesla Model 3. I live in Europe (Poland). I have only recently purchased it. Up until now i have charged it at home, but i have a long trip coming up so I have been setting up charging at various stations to ensure it works first. My car is set up to work in Europe, the maps/navigation is all europe.

So, I have a NACS to CCS2 adapter. For some reason I can supercharge at all Non-Tesla charging stations without any issues BUT i cannot charge at the Tesla Superchargers! When i connect to the supercharges with the Adapter my screen just says "supercharging not enabled - try AC charging". This is an odd message because I CAN supercharge at all the other generic charging stations.

I dont know if it is a problem with my Car, my tesla account or something else.

Any help is appreciated.
I should add this......My adapter has a small button on it, im not sure what its for.

When the small button is pressed in, I get the error message on the screen - supercharging not enabled, try AC charging. When the small button is not pressed in I get a different error messgage - Charging equipment not ready see equipment instructions to start charging.

I can use this adapter at all non tesla charging stations when the small button is not pressed in