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Charge on solar with multiple vehicles

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Last Saturday I took delivery of a model Y, so I now have two Tesla EVs along with solar and a Powerwall Plus.

One nice thing about this is, since my utility sells me one kWhr for 14¢ yet only buys my excess for 6.5¢ or so, I can now dump extra electricity into my cars once my Powerwall gets full and avoid having to charge with expensive energy.

To help with this, I use the charge on solar feature. I have it enabled on both cars and it basically works.

But one problem I have is that energy going into the newer model Y does not show up as vehicle charging in the app. Only my model 3 charging shows as red vehicle charging in the app. Has anyone else had this problem, and if so how did you fix it?

Also, it would be nice if Tesla would add a check box for charge on solar to only allow it once the powerwall is full. Right now you have to manually manage it to avoid sending excess to the grid.

Lastly, what should I expect to happen if both vehicles are plugged in and there is enough excess solar to charge? Will the two cars split the power?
We have a 3 and Y and it's pretty random which it attributes the charge on solar to.

I've accepted the annoyance for now. The practical effect is the same. It will also sometimes attribute the car charging as house load but the data seems to eventually sort out.

ooh, I haven't had both cars plugged in at the same time. I should try that at the next sunny day.