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Daily Driver Tire Recommendations (summer)

There are people here only putting 3-5K per season on their tires - wish I were you, but I am not. For those putting 12K or more per summer season on your tires - what have you found to be the best in terms of wear.

I need safe (it's my wife's car)
I need good wear (the car is well setup - even on the 21's it IS wearing fairly even - only came with 5/32 on the CPO tires).
It does not need amazing driving dynamics, as it's not driven hard.
It needs good dry handling especially on cooler surfaces for early and late in the summer season, and reasonable wet - we get big rain, but not that often here in CO.

Any thoughts ???

The ContiSports were well worn when we got them (car only had 12K) and the last 2/32 went pretty quick - though they held inflation brilliantly considering the 3 nails I found in them!
I had these tires (Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus 2339500 Tires | 1010Tires.com Online Tire Store) from this website about 50k miles ago. They were REALLY expensive for me... considering ive never really owned such a demanding car before. I was sad to replace them, and they held up really well considering the camber issue the older cars have. I put a cheaper pair of pilots on this time around and i regret not spending the extra money this time. I will be ordering these again when the time is right.

I live in SoCal, so I'll go out on a limb and assume daily socal is similar to summer CO