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All-Season tire recommendations for a 2023 LR Model X

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I went to my local Mr. Tire today to check with them about Hankooks since Hankook lists them as carrying the tires. Not a reassuring visit. They clearly have not sold many Hankook tires. They had no interest in selling Hankook tires. They don't fit tires on Teslas but instead farm it out to an unnamed nearby shop because of "everything that could go wrong lifting a Tesla."

As you might have guessed, I don't intend to give them my business. I'll see if anyone else local is a Hankook partner, and if so, if they have a better attitude towards doing tire changes on Teslas.
If I had my choice I would not get a directional tire. My car was pulling left and the tire shop was pretty sure it was a bad tire but could not test it without removing and remounting tires to swap sides. My CC SUVs got 14k miles.

CC2s are fine but… they are noisy under acceleration. They are the best compromise all season tires IMO but they are not the most efficient, don’t have th best dry summer traction, are not a snow tire (but pretty good).

They do have good wet breaking traction so that why I went with them. The X is heavy and needs all the help it can get in a panic stop in the wet.
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