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Get scuffs/scratches repaired?

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A month ago, a tree branch broke off a tree during a windy day and fell on the roof of my M3 smashing the glass. The branch was pretty decrepit so it exploded. That along with little branches and glass pieces caused a handful of faint scuffs and light scratches and one tiny chip.

Truthfully, it’s all minor and you really have to look for them. I just happen to know where they are but still struggled a bit to find them when showing the body shop. If insurance weren’t paying for it, I wouldn’t consider having them fixed up.

Still, I’m doubting that I should do it. I know they’re there and they bug me. BUT I’m also a bit worried that it might end up looking just as bad or worse in other ways. I’ve never had these sorts of things repaired. Will it look perfectly matched and indistinguishable from the rest of the car? I’m worried it won’t be perfectly matched, and I suppose only they could tell me that (but would they?).

Any advice or experiences anyone would like to share? Questions to ask? The place is Gerber Collision, and they are Tesla Certified or wherever.

If I may, I’ll offer some advice in return: don’t park under trees!

I'd get that replaced. Might be worth filing a claim. Any good glass shop can replace it. I'd go of OE glass if possible

The glass was obviously replaced right away by Tesla. I’m wondering about the faint scuffs. Only one tiny chip has gone through the clear coat as far as I can tell. I think I’ll just get the paint repair kit and do it myself. The alternative is they take the whole door off, sand the thing down, and repaint it—hoping it will match flawlessly.