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Got a FSD / HW3 retrofit alert 1 week post-delivery!

That was fast! I took delivery of my new (to me) Model 3 last Saturday.

I got this message today, and scheduled via the app for Sunday!

I made an appointment for the Model S as well for the dreaded rear light fog issue (had the driver side replaced last time, now the passenger side is fogged up) and passenger side window not working.
Hopefully, the same ranger can do all three with the same visit.

Anyone done the retrofit before / recently? What should I expect?

I did the MCU2 upgrade for our S last year. It wiped all the settings / profiles from the car. Is this something to be expected? Not a big deal if it is, but would be nice not to reprogram all the profiles.


Tell the service center to be sure they transfer the settings from your MCU1 to MCU2. Most times they get it done right, but some complaints here about it.

Thank you! I had the MCU2 upgrade in my Model S last year. Wiped every single setting (driver profiles, homelink, GPS, etc). Not complaining since I love the added features of the MCU2. ;)I was one of the first few to get it so I am chalking it up to being an early adopter.

Hopefully they figured it out by now :D