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Have you ever had professional photos of your Tesla done?


@unplggdd on Instagram
Nov 17, 2014
West Palm Beach, FL
I just got some done and couldn't be more impressed. Highly recommend.



IMG_0015 2.jpeg

Personally, as a photographer, the white balance on those photos bother me. But then again, I tend to like things correct from a numerical standpoint rather than a half-hazard Pollock artform.
But yea. I also wouldn't pay somebody to photograph my car unless I intended to make money because of it.
My cars were part of a semi-professional photoshoot last month (with other Teslas) for the images to be used on the web site for an upcoming raffle that will be giving away a Tesla. I've not gotten the images they took yet, but my profile picture is a photo I took while they were doing their thing.
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