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Help with MMP installl

$400 is really great.

Just finished installing them. Took us 7 hours. Could of done it quicker, but we talked a lot of stories and like a wussy my body started to cramp up.

Going to be sore as F! tomorrow.

Still going to island brakes after a few hundred miles.
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Hey.....very much interested in your progress.

Any updates?

mcspresso here is the before and after. I just used the recommended height from Mountain Pass. So for out MYLR it lowers it about 1.5 inches? I would or want to lower it more, but don't want to deal with the parking blocks I have in my parking spot.

As for ride comfort (which I felt the MYLR was just fine), not sure.... yet.. Need more seat time.

Did you ever find out if these MPP coil overs is compatible with Model Y SR?




Wow...that looks great!! You guys were brave. I never would have tried a DIY.

I talked to the guys at MPP again....no coilovers for a MY single motor. Sad.
To tell you the truth though, I have become more and more liking the MY stiffer ride. I drove a friends Q5 to the airport the other day and it seemed way to pillowy in comparison.

How are you liking the ride on yours? What did you end up with the final adjustments?
Started at front 13/13 and rear 12/10. With those setting I feel it was on par with LR suspension comfort but handled better around turns. Drove around the island today with 14/14 in front it feels good. I haven’t change the back because I’m to lazy to jack up the car, but will set it up to 14/12 to see if that help with low speed comfort. Currently anything over 40mph it handles better and absorbs bumps a little better.
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MPP Coilovers? KW Automotive, Germany.

Not sure when my wheels are going to arrive. Vendor in California said he was preparing them to ship. That was 2 weeks ago? Didn't get a tracking number so I'm assuming it will be slow boated here. So hopefully its on a Matson cargo ship as we speak.