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How many Powerwall/Powerpack reservations are there?


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This article Elon Musk Powers Up: Inside Tesla's $5 Billion Gigafactory says
"Over the six days following Musk’s presentation, which was posted on YouTube and the company’s website, Tesla reportedly received reservations for $800 million worth of Powerwalls and Powerpacks...."
I wonder where that $800 million came from. The article contains nothing new other than that figure which I don't recall seeing before.
I put in a reservation for a Powerwall the day after the Tesla Energy launch last May, and I have heard nothing from Tesla so far. I don't even know how to make contact with someone at Tesla Energy to inquire about my reservation.
The article is very odd, in that at one point it sounds like the writer is going to tour the Gigafactory in Nevada but then he says nothing about it other than this:
"No journalist had ever before visited what Tesla calls the Gigafactory, which opens next year but won’t be completed until 2020... It was impossible not to feel awestruck by the sprawling, 71-foot-tall structure stretched out, miragelike, before me as I drove into a shallow canyon...". Then he goes on about how big it is. And that's it. So he's the first journalist to visit the site, and that's all he can say about it?
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I gave up waiting for the powerwall and am moving forward with two alternatives. I was surprised to find a few attractive alternatives in CA, although they are priced slightly higher. but you can generally charge a little more when your product exists.

$800M divided by $3,500 is ~230k reservations. Sounds high, but given the low cost of entry for a reservation (a click), might be possible.
That juice box looks nice. It will make more sense if you do NOT have a Solaredge system since it requires its own separate inverter, whereas the Tesla Powerwall will be able to use the same Solaredge inverter for both the solar array and the Powerwall. But since the juice box is shipping now...


I made a mistake - looking at the juicebox web site (JuiceBox Lithium-Ion Solar Energy Storage Systems), they have a configuration that works with a single inverter. So the Juicebox can work in a similar way to a Solaredge setup, if you use a Schneider Electric inverter.
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Sunny island and outback power are the other ones.

I I already have solar so I need a second inverter. Plus what I've learned since seeking other options makes me skeptical that you can use the same inverter in all cases. But I'm not an expert on that and I'm still learning.