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  1. S

    Expired Powerwall Installation in Austin TX [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing Powerwall Installation in Austin TX. Please add to the discussion here.
  2. N


    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing TESLA POWERWALL 2 FOUNDERS SERIES RED FOR SALE- UNOPENED $8000. Please add to the discussion here.
  3. Y

    Happy Solar roof solar-versary to me

    Officially 1 year in service today. This took forever to sort out and get installed. Tesla corporate is probably the worst company I've ever had to deal with. The local crew was great and if not for them, I probably would have given up and abandoned the project. Anyway, we needed a new roof...
  4. T

    Multiple Gateways - 3 Powerwalls - switch powerwall assignments

    I have two 200 amp services into my home. So when they installed my 3 powerwalls, they split them up and put 2 powerwalls on Gateway A and 1 powerwall on Gateway B. I have since noticed that my power consumption is greater on Gateway B. Question 1: I would like to swap my powerwall configs so...
  5. R

    Data Export

    I can export Powerwall data from my App, but it's not granular enough. I want to download hourly data for the past year - ie. I want to know exactly how much energy from the I have purchased between 9am-10am, how much solar has been generated at that time across the year, the times when the...
  6. R

    Which device is the leader?

    Just got solar and powerwalls (PW+ x2, PW2 x2, gateway x2). I'm confused as to which of the 6 boxes are the "leader" when it comes to reporting metrics. I'm assuming it's one of the 2 gateways. Does the app aggregate everything already? It shows PW battery at 75 on one screen and in details it...
  7. S

    Model Y Home charging using Wall connector + Tesla Solar Panel + Power wall combo

    I have recently got Tesla MY and had wall connector installed from old Main panel. Tesla moved all the controls to new panel and kept the old one as backup relay when they installed solar + powerwall. I already have Tesla solar panel + 1 power wall. But unfortunately Tesla guys did not add any...
  8. n.one.one

    What time will PWs reach 100%- Spreadsheet (downloadable)

    There are days that you might want to adjust the use of your Powerwalls and it would be helpful to know when they will reach 100%. The spreadsheet linked below will quickly tell you what that time is based on how fully charged they are now and the current or estimated charge rate. I'll put an...
  9. T

    Two Powerwalls V2 and Gateway for Sale in Texas.

    Hello There! I have 2 - Two Tesla Powerwalls and Gateway for sale. I recently moved to Austin Texas from California and had them installed for only for one month in my old home. I was planning to save them and re-install the in my new home here in Austin. Based on the current market conditions...
  10. Y

    Backing up an On-Demand / Tankless (electric) water heater with Powerwall(s)

    Wondering if anyone has used a Tesla PV/ESS setup with on-demand / tankless (specifically electric) water heaters? TL;DR...could you split a 36kW tankless electric water heater across both your backed up load center and non-backed up (main panel) to have some hot water in the event of a power...
  11. N

    Can I join Tesla Virtual Power Plant if I don't have solar?

    I'm a PG&E customer with two Tesla Powerwalls and Tesla Backup Gateway 2. I charge the batteries after midnight, and then they discharge during peak and semi-peak hours (3pm-12am). I don't export any energy back to the grid because I don't have solar. Can I still join Tesla Virtual PowerPlant...
  12. K

    Can you help with Tesla Powerwall+ Invertor MPPT Questions?

    Hey everyone, I am getting 20.4kW Solar, 2 Powerwall+, and 1 Powerwall2. I have questions before I approve the final design. What does the Powerwall+ Input Connectors per MPPT: 1-2-1-2 mean? Tesla's design shows 8 strings to the 2 PW+ but is only using 5 of the 8 MPPTs? Any valid reason? Tesla...
  13. Thomias

    Tesla replaced my MCI units because of poor production in the winter, but now it's much worse.

    I have a 15.1kW Solar Roof that was powered on March 1, 2021 in a West suburb of Chicago. My peak production in my first summer was about 13+kWh and I was able to store some credit for winter. Once winter hit, my production was virtually nothing and I ate through my credits before December. In...
  14. B

    Should I get Powerwalls if I am on an essential "circuit/block"?

    I am in the Bay Area (PG&E) and have an order for a 9.6 kW solar + 2 PW in-progress. However, I recently discovered that I am in PG&E's special outage block #50. This means that I am "generally exempt from rotating outages" because "essential services such as hospitals and police and fire...
  15. S

    PowerWall or not ?

    I just moved in into a new build and I am considering installing solar + battery. I managed to get a quote for solar + Powerwall and solar + Givenergy battery. I also just realised the tariff for the Tesla Energy plan jumped from 12p to 24p with a higher daily fixed charge as well. Now because...
  16. N

    2 Powerwalls: Switching from stacked to side-by-side install. What to do about the hole they already drilled on the face of the rear Powerwall?

    The installers installed two Powerwalls in my garage in stacked configuration, which required drilling a hole on the front metal cover of the 2nd Powerwall that is currently sitting behind the 1st Powerwall. The hole is several inches wide in diameter. Due to permitting issues, they are now...
  17. R

    2x Tesla Founders Series Powerwall 2 ("Powerwall+") & Gateway

    Hey all! I am selling my 2 Red Founders Edition Powerwalls that I currently have installed at my home in Sunnyvale, California. They are a little over a year old and they work perfect. Batteries charge to 100% and there are zero issues with these units. If there is something you'd like me to...
  18. K

    Powerwall 2 update 2022

    Hello! We have recently installed a PW2, Gateway & 7kW panels. System has been working great with our utility setup as below. - Peak: 12am-9pm - Super Off-peak: 9pm-12am (free power) During the Super off-peak, we would charge the PW2 from the grid @ 3.5kW while we were consuming energy through...
  19. damonbrodie

    Solar + Powerwall in Ontario

    Is there anybody out there that has installed Solar on their home with Powerwall in Ontario, Canada in the past year or so? I'm looking to get some insights before I starting contacting dealers and I'd like to be forearmed with some knowledge. I'd like to ask some questions about cost...
  20. A

    Old/broken Powerwall, Gateway, similar products

    Does anyone in the UK (or a country near Serbia - I spend half of my year there too) have an old/broken/unused Powerwall, Gateway, or any similar products, like GivEnergy or Sonnen?
  21. RedMod3

    Powerwall operation problems

    Had an interesting Powerwall / Gateway problem today. Yesterday was very cloudy, and although I am on time based control, the PW did not charge up fully the previous night, so I was on full priced power from 4pm.🙁 So, last night, just after the cheap rate came on, I set the reserve % at 50%...
  22. S

    Looking Powerwall

    I’m looking to add a 3rd Powerwall 2 to my system. Located in NY, willing to pick up or ship. Thanks 😁
  23. SSDTester#1

    A Tri-House Solar Panel Build

    I'm doing a solar panel build on 3 different houses, all within 1/2 mile of each other. I figured this thread might be beneficial for those who are looking into build times, problems, price increases, adjustments, etc. I will keep tracking the house updates in the original post (if possible) and...
  24. H

    Powerwall- Adding 2nd Solar System

    I currently have a solar panel system connected to two Powerwalls. I'm considering adding a second solar panel system, and I want the second solar panel system to also connect to the Powerwalls (both solar panel system connected to the PWs). This way the Powerwalls will get charged quickly...
  25. Navak

    need help with system design review (9.6kW Solar + Powerwall)

    Hi folks. Just placed my order this morning for 9.6kw system with single Powerwall and here I got the layout design ready for review. Before accept it I would like to get your feedback on the placement. (note: big tree in the front yard is no longer there) Thanks!
  26. J

    Gateway 2--How do they work?

    I have one Powerwall 2 + Gateway 2 installed by LA Solar. They told me that this system would back up ALL my 30-amp and lower circuits (about 100 amps from a load calculation), transferring them to the subservice panel. But at the install, I was told I would have to choose critical circuits for...
  27. Kevrick

    Tesla Neo Gateway (GWY20) and 'DC Stage Fault' related?

    Thread title is deliberate for future internet knowledge-seekers. I just had an additional Powerwall 2 added to my existing system. This new Powerwall is throwing a DC Stage Fault error and is otherwise not doing anything. That's probably best left for another thread unless someone knows what...
  28. P

    WTB: Powerwall Mounting Bracket

    Looking to buy an extra mounting bracket for a powerwall2.
  29. KDeanCville

    UPS's not working on battery power

    Having an extended grid outage today due to a big snowstorm. The cool thing is the Tesla app new the forecast and charged up the Powerwall to 100%. However... I have APC UPS devices on my router and TVS. These UPS'S don't get enough power to function when we're on battery. If I unplug the...
  30. P

    Powerwall + Demand Response + Time-based-rates + Time-based controls

    So the maths and the policies and laws are a bit confusing. I am trying to figure out, if I switch to time-based rates, and I am also part of the local Demand Response plan, how does the demand response credit get calculated, as Tesla shows nothing in the app for demand response events and...
  31. J

    PowerWall w/ Solar won’t charge past reserve

    Had 3x PW installed 30 days ago. They will not charge beyond the reserve backup set point in either of the 2 available modes, self powered and Time of Use. If I raise to 100 it charges to 100 if I lower to 30, it discharges to 30
  32. Yonki

    Tip/Warning if you have more than one Powerwall

    Just had a Solar + 3 Powerwall system installed. Have been running off-grid while waiting for PTO. App shows 3 Powerwalls with a state of charge somewhere between 0% and 100%. Walls charge up to 100% during the day; house runs off Powerwalls when there’s no solar production. After a week...
  33. E

    Charge from Powerwall avoiding the grid.

    Hi all, We have Tesla Solar Panels and 1 Tesla Powerwall. We received our Model Y on Sep 11, 2021. We had ordered it on May 28, 2021. My goal is to charge the Model Y from Powerwall avoiding the grid. After some research, I changed "Charge Current" to "20 Amps" and scheduled Charge Start at...
  34. n.one.one

    North Carolina Tesla Energy Installations (by Tesla)

    I believe that Tesla Energy has either started or is planning on doing energy installations in North Carolina. I'm starting this thread for two primary reasons: I hope this thread will be an ongoing discussion for folks in North Carolina with helpful input from those in other regions who have...
  35. J

    Is your Tesla inverter or Powerwall+ singing?

    I've noticed a melody or two coming from my PW+, and I think from the inverter portion of it. It seems to occur about every 30 seconds or so. Is this normal? Video of melody below...listen carefully for 3 tones. Thanks!
  36. J

    'whole home backup' confusion

    I recently had a system installed (16kW, 2PW+, backup gateway 2) and all of my paperwork references 'whole home backup'. Basically, they pulled all of my loads from my main panel into a subpanel connected to the gateway. The only breaker in my main panel now is a 100A going to the gateway...
  37. P

    Tesla Gateway 2

    Brand new in box Tesla gateway 2. I purchased it as part of a power wall package and dont need two gateways. $1K obo
  38. S

    Looking to buy a Powerwall

    I am looking for a powerwall if anyone has one for sale. Since shipping is a problem, preferred if on the west coast Thanks
  39. B

    My Powerwall2 keeps turning off my Air conditioning every few hours

    My Solar installation with the Powerwall2 and Gateway2 has a feature to turn off the power to the Air conditioner when the grid is down. I have noticed that the AC input power turns off several times a day and comes back, while my app does not report any outage. When I power off the Powerwall...
  40. T

    Want to buy a Powerwall 2 (220VAC output prefered)

    Hi, Guys If you have an used or new Powerwall 2 for sale please be in touch with me. I would prefer 220VAC output but 110VAC will do if price is good. Gateway required as well Thanks Tiger From Gold Coast, Australia
  41. S

    Powerwall firmware expiry?

    Some while back, I got frustrated with the way firmware updates kept breaking things, so I blocked the Powerwall gateway's access to the Internet. I wasn't using the Ap to monitor it anyway. And all has been good, until a couple of days ago (I've only just noticed). Access to the gateway...
  42. E

    Should I care if no inspection/PTO for months?

    Hi folks, We had powerwalls installed in March to an existing solar system. Installation was a mess, but system has been working since installation was completed. In April, Tesla rep came by on the day of inspection. He said the install was not to plan, so he canceled that day's inspection...
  43. n.one.one

    HVAC replacement prior to solar+Powerwall installation - Daikin Fit?

    I'm replacing two HVAC systems now before installing a solar panel + 4 Powerwall system in the fall. I've narrowed the compressor choices to Daikin Fit variable speed (2 ton + 2.5 ton) that will go on the existing ducted systems. Am I correct in assuming that these should be able to start & run...
  44. T

    Tesla Energy has the worst Customer Service. Regret getting Tesla

    Tesla customer service is non-existent. Terrible experience from the start. I should of listen to my gut and NOT used them. I ordered the panels July 2020. They installed the equipment in December 2020. They installed the Powerwalls on the floor when I asked them to wall mount it. They...
  45. n.one.one

    Georgia Power monthly net metering (RNR-monthly)

    I've ordered a 16 kW + 4 PW setup (from Tesla) and I'm rethinking the kW size because of the 10 kW limit on the Georgia Power monthly net metering plan (RNR-monthly). I'm looking for advice both for a qualifying 10 kW system as well as for a 16 kW system that will generate more than I will need...
  46. G

    UK - Tesla Energy Plan/Octopus

    Hi Guys After some advice here please. We’re about to rebuild our bungalow and want to eliminate gas completely. So we’re going for Solar PV, Air-Source Heat Pump, Powerwall and a Zappi2 charger for our Model 3. What I’m not sure of though is how/when we need to arrange singing up to...
  47. Gwgan

    Powerwall2 gateway replaced modbus Solaredge monitoring?

    About to add Powerwall to my Solaredge system and wonder if I should keep the modbus meter. A modbus meter with CTs in the main panel lets me see export, import, and self-consumption as well as panel level data in the Solaredge monitoring app and website. Does the Tesla gateway replace this...
  48. Mickie

    Gauging Interest: NIB Founder's Powerwall/ Gateway/ etc. Chicago area

    Hey all. I'm thinking I may not install in current home, so, I may sell. If I were to sell, and albeit not a sticking point, I'd prefer local pickup, probably with wire transfer or bank to bank. Can IM me if you prefer discretion. Thanks.
  49. AhadV

    FS: Tesla PowerWall 2 Founder Series

    Hello all, I am looking to sell my brand new Red Founder Series Tesla PowerWall 2. We were going to get it installed, but considering moving next year so don't want to install/reinstall/etc. Never opened, brand new still on the delivery pallet. Looking for $6500 + buyer arrange shipping or...
  50. Gwgan

    Tesla in Norwell?

    On Tesla’s website a search for Powerwall installers near Boston shows Tesla at 412R Washington Street Norwell, MA 2061 Can someone verify what goes on there? I am curious when Tesla will install in Maine and hoping to get some inside info. Our one local authorized installer charges a 20%...