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  1. n.one.one

    Georgia Power monthly net metering (RNR-monthly)

    I've ordered a 16 kW + 4 PW setup (from Tesla) and I'm rethinking the kW size because of the 10 kW limit on the Georgia Power monthly net metering plan (RNR-monthly). I'm looking for advice both for a qualifying 10 kW system as well as for a 16 kW system that will generate more than I will need...
  2. G

    UK - Tesla Energy Plan/Octopus

    Hi Guys After some advice here please. We’re about to rebuild our bungalow and want to eliminate gas completely. So we’re going for Solar PV, Air-Source Heat Pump, Powerwall and a Zappi2 charger for our Model 3. What I’m not sure of though is how/when we need to arrange singing up to...
  3. Gwgan

    Powerwall2 gateway replaced modbus Solaredge monitoring?

    About to add Powerwall to my Solaredge system and wonder if I should keep the modbus meter. A modbus meter with CTs in the main panel lets me see export, import, and self-consumption as well as panel level data in the Solaredge monitoring app and website. Does the Tesla gateway replace this...
  4. Mickie

    Gauging Interest: NIB Founder's Powerwall/ Gateway/ etc. Chicago area

    Hey all. I'm thinking I may not install in current home, so, I may sell. If I were to sell, and albeit not a sticking point, I'd prefer local pickup, probably with wire transfer or bank to bank. Can IM me if you prefer discretion. Thanks.
  5. AhadV

    FS: Tesla PowerWall 2 Founder Series

    Hello all, I am looking to sell my brand new Red Founder Series Tesla PowerWall 2. We were going to get it installed, but considering moving next year so don't want to install/reinstall/etc. Never opened, brand new still on the delivery pallet. Looking for $6500 + buyer arrange shipping or...
  6. Gwgan

    Tesla in Norwell?

    On Tesla’s website a search for Powerwall installers near Boston shows Tesla at 412R Washington Street Norwell, MA 2061 Can someone verify what goes on there? I am curious when Tesla will install in Maine and hoping to get some inside info. Our one local authorized installer charges a 20%...
  7. M

    Powerwall 2 wanted

    I am looking for 1 additional Powerwall 2, I am not in need of a Gateway, but if you have it as part of the package, I will buy it. if you have a reasonably priced Powerwall available, please reach out to me via PM. I will pick up freight shipping as well if you have the Powerwall in your...
  8. S

    Powerwall 2 Founders Series (red color) with Gateway for sale

    Includes shipping. Value $8000 ($7000 for the Powerwall 2, $1000 for the Gateway). Does not include installation or any installation credit or reimbursement. I won this as a referral prize some time ago, and never took delivery. So I can basically transfer to the buyer and Tesla can ship to...
  9. Troglodytes

    First Powerwall functionality outage; easily resolved with good Tesla Energy phone support

    tl-dr; system outage noticed this morning, initial issues with phone support, but good end result, support stated its okay for end users to push the backup gateway's reset button at their own discretion to attempt to fix issues. Had my first (and hopefully only) failure of system experience for...
  10. M

    FS: New Tesla Red Founders Series Powerwall 2 & Gateway

    Selling brand new in the box: Red Tesla Founders Series Powerwall 2 with installation hardware Energy Gateway On hand and available for pickup in SoCal (OC). I might be able to get a friend with a pickup truck to help deliver for a fee. Asking $6500 (I'm receiving the W2 form for it, so you...
  11. mspohr

    A good way to look at sizing Powerwalls

    A new critical load tiering approach solves the elusive value-of-resilience challenge and facilitates the proliferation of solar-driven microgrids. Think we can’t place a value on resilience? Think again
  12. R

    Possible to add Powerwall to older Solar system?

    Hello - I'm wondering if anyone else here has had a similar situation as us... We are located on the SF Peninsula (Redwood City area) and are looking for a home backup system, which made us think about the Tesla Powerwall. Back in October 2007, we purchased (not leased) a smaller sized solar...
  13. Stevie Jewel

    Powerwall shipping delays?

    I am very early in a project to provide powerwalls for the Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) here in Northern CA. My installer called me last night and said Tesla had called to inform them that there would be a significant delay in ordering powerwalls. Has anyone else received similar...
  14. Troglodytes

    Roadmap wish item: Powerwall/S3XY optimizations for charging

    The recent software feature updates to charging behaviors when there is a grid outage is a good start. But, something I would appreciate having the ability to do through software and associated communications is to charge my vehicle after and only after the Powerwalls have had their fill for...
  15. M

    Energy in 2 powerwall drained from 100% down to 5%

    I did a test last week to see how much energy can be consumed from 2 powerwalls in case of power outage. My battery was at 100% (due to grid services event), and by the end of the day it was drained down to 5% (0% reserve in app yields 5% in portal). When the reserve reached 5% in portal, the...
  16. S

    Power Wall For Sale - For real this time

    Sorry folks, a while back I posted for sale my Powerwall. I got it as a referral reward. Anyways shortly after, Corona hit, then the riots.... etc. I'm back to really sell this thing. I anyone interested? $3500? I can prob have it shipped to you as I have not specified an address yet...
  17. RubinRA

    Powerwall/Car/Solar Charging Strategy

    I've just had a Powerwall and solar installed, and am trying to come up with the optimal way to balance home backup needs with charging my Tesla Model 3. I could use some feedback. Here are the details: -- Solar 5.7kWp system -- Single Powerwall unit, presently set to provide 50% backup power...
  18. Gwgan

    Powerwall updates after Battery Day?

    No word yet on when Battery Day will happen, but any speculation on what it could mean for Powerwall? Lower prices? Massive production increase? Maybe some retroactive announcement or a posited effect two years down the road? Thoughts and insight?
  19. S

    Should I move forward with Tesla Solar and Powerwall

    I can't make the decision if I should move forward given layout and financials. Please share your opinion!
  20. R

    Installation Advice

    Tesla is installing my Founder Series Powerwall tomorrow after years (yes, years) of answering questions, filling out forms, and sending in pictures. Now I wonder what I should be watching for during the install or after the install. Any advice? TIA
  21. Boatguy

    Power glitch when exporting to the grid?

    I have Tesla solar and two PWs. My PG&E service is notoriously "glitchy". PGE does some sort of switching which will cause a momentary drop or spike in my service. Over a period of five years this caused a series of failures in audio equipment power supplies. Finally I installed line...
  22. E


  23. efusco

    Any Market for Tesla Powerwall?

    Just got my survey for my Tesla Powerwall referral reward. Have planned to install it onto my solar equipt home, but I already have a propane generator and would really need at least one more Powerwall (likely 2 more) to fully power the house for any reasonable length of time and I'm not...
  24. GenSao

    Powerwall Installer Manual - April 20, 2020

    I noticed in the FAQ/Support area, there is a new Installation Manual dated April 20, 2020 as noted on the last page. https://www.tesla.com/support/energy/more/installers/installing-powerwall There are also product videos that I have never seen before.
  25. mrpablogomez

    Founders Series Powerwall Referral

    Hello. I just received notice I can submit for my Founders Series Powerwall Referral award. I do not need this and would like to sell it. Is anyone interested and what is the best way to go about doing this?
  26. Daniellane

    Now We’re Really an All Tesla Family!

    Tesla Solar System #1 with a Red Founder’s Series Powerwall 2
  27. M

    WTB: Referral Powerwall

    Looking to see if anyone has a referral Powerwall that they aren't going to be getting installed and/or taking the Tesla credit. Hoping to get one at my house to offset my ridiculous SCE rates along with solar...
  28. M

    Solar Roof now eligible for referral award

    Not sure what the $250 Tesla credit will get you, but, as of this morning, you can now get the referral credit with the solar roof. No Model Y referral miles yet, but, it does look like Tesla is changing things up this past week. The reintroduction of the Powerwall bundle with solar was a...
  29. M

    PowerWall bundling option gone from Solar Design page

    Just noticed that the option to bundle Powerwalls is no longer showing up on the Solar Design page: Anyone else notice this?
  30. S

    Finding the YT DAErik videos really great to see the process (Solar/PowerWall)

    We're signing up for Tesla Solar Panels and PowerWalls and have had many questions understanding the process. Lots of great feedback from owners on here (thanks!) and our Tesla Energy contact has been super. This morning had our 2nd conference call with him (yes, even though he had the day off...
  31. Vawlkus

    Power Wall availability in Canada

    I know there’s an energy forum, but this is strictly a Canadian question. My parents are looking into a generator and/or solar power system, and I’d like to get a Powerwall quote to throw into the mix. I just can’t get a straight answer about availability locally (Halifax Nova Scotia). Does...
  32. S

    Odd behaviour with web control

    I've been controlling my powerwall 2 via its web interface for getting on for two years. Come the start of the off-peak tarrif period in the evening, the reserve gets set to the current charge, and grid power is used until the end of that period in the morning, whereapon the reserve is set to...
  33. W

    Northern California PW installs BUMPED to 2020!!

    I had my 2 PW install scheduled for next week. I worked my butt off pushing my project along through the crappy tesla communication and customer service. I worked with my city building department to expedite my permit so that I could get installed by the end of the year. Tesla called me 2...
  34. islandbayy

    Referral Powerwalls, how should I proceed? Tesla not Delivering

    I'm owed at least 1 if not two founders' powerwalls yet from referral programs. Waiting and waiting deadlines provided by Tesla have come and gone Multiple Times. Then, earlier this year, around April I believe, A random email from Tesla gave remaining people who did not get referral...
  35. J

    Anyone have Tesla roof/Powerwall technical details?

    HI, I am interested in the Tesla roof since my roof + solar installer is having issues committing to a date; and it looks like the Tesla V3 roof might actually be cheaper than the cement/composite roof with 9.2 Kw of Panasonic panels Solar Edge optimizers and inverter. However, I am also...
  36. GenSao

    Powerwall required with new solar install?

    Looks like Tesla recently included Powerwall as an "included" component to their small, medium, and large solar packages. Previously Powerwall was a select-able option. Typically with a Powerwall installation, taxes and permit frees are separate line items. I wonder if they are now included...
  37. mspohr

    Powerwall sizing - Essential / non-essential loads

    I wanted to share my thinking on solar/battery power. Use Case: Our power is very reliable with only occasional outages usually lasting only a few hours. This, in itself would not require any backup power. However, we are in an area subject to "Public Safety" power shut offs which can last for...
  38. Lloyd

    Power walls not leaving Standby Mode

    I have two recent powerwalls installed about two months ago. Since installed, they will not come out of standby mode and begin charging on their own. In order to get the powerwalls to charge, I have to put it into backup mode, to kickstart them to charge, then later put it into TOU mode in order...
  39. Story

    Sense monitoring and Powerwall with Solar?

    Surely someone on here must have installed the Sense power monitoring box alongside a solar + Powerwall 2 installation, plus EV chargers that are on the grid side (outside) the Powerwall-backedup circuits. My installer says that Sense support says that they will bundle the solar and powerwall...
  40. S

    FS - Founders Powerwall - 1 includes $1k install credit

    I got a founders Powerwall for sale which includes $1k for install cost. You will be responsible for taxes and all. Current value is $6,500 plus $1,100 install = $7,600 Not sure how to value it, so please inquire if you are serious. I will simply email my Tesla Energy advisor your info and...
  41. G

    Powerwall breaker keeps tripping

    My powerwalls were installed in April and everything was great until a couple of weeks ago. The breaker to one of the powerwalls (I have 3 total) started tripping when the powerwall is: 1) charging AND 2) at about 97%+ capacity This one breaker only trips during this scenario. Charging...
  42. S

    Told by Tesla I can't run AC on Powerwalls

    I received an estimate from Tesla for a 12kw + 2 Powerwalls system. But I was told that the Powerwalls cannot support the air conditioners. I have 2: 3 Ton: RLA 24.4, LRA 140.0 4 Ton: RLA 16.0, LRA 82.0 Has anyone ran into this issue or have any idea on how I'll be able to support having air...
  43. TheRedPill

    Going for it - new Solar Roof install scheduled

    Hello All, Just wanted to chime in here to say that I've pulled the trigger - going for a complete system: Solar Roof plus qty 2 Powerwall 2's. Installation is happening this week!
  44. boaterva

    Tesla app 3.8.6

    Only change I can find is that it now lets you access the PW Gateway serial number (below the firmware) which is a nice addition since mine was only on a sticky inside the cover! (I have it stored in Evernote but having it in the app is excellent.) Any other updates anyone see?
  45. D

    Powerwall Installation Location

    So I need to figure out where in my garage to locate the two PWs. 1. My understanding is that they can put the on the floor (and stack two of them front or back, so 2 PWs are about 12 inches deep). Or then can mount them off the floor, but then they can't stack them, and they have to be...
  46. G

    Utility outage simulation data dump

    Wanted to share with those of you who are data geeks what I pulled as part of my utility outage test this weekend. :) Configuration - Late afternoon on a partly cloudy day. - 8.5kw array was producing about 2.5kw. - Home was consuming 900w-1200w at the time. - 1x Powerwall on firmware v1.37.1...
  47. G

    My grid outage frequency issue is resolved!

    Well it's been a trip. I'll link back to this from other posts that relate to the issue but wanted to start a clean thread with my experience. Long and short of it is if you're experiencing similar issues get the latest firmware (1.37.1 for me) and call Tesla to fix the frequency settings for...
  48. L

    Building my own pseudo(Powerwall)

    Backstory to this is located here: Tesla PW price increase I currently have a 13kW (Peak) solar system that's grid tried using Enphase micro inverters, after doing a ton of research on energy storage for existing grid tied systems I ended up going with the same process Tesla uses with the PW...
  49. N

    Powerwalls in new-construction homes - no Tesla help for 22 months

    Powerwall sales staff seems entirely focused upon retrofits. My experience is a woeful tale. It took me 22 months to track down the team within Design & Engineering (D&E) that deals with integrating Powerwall installation requirements with the design phase of new home construction. I paid my...
  50. abasile

    Powerwall feature request: Expert Mode

    The Powerwall is a great product and I have high hopes for the future of battery storage at personal residences. Powerwalls can increase our consumption of solar energy, minimize our use of expensive peak power, and provide valuable backup services. For most people, the existing Backup-only...

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