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Installation of FTM-500DR in Model S Refresh

I completed an install of a Yaseu FTM-500DR in my 2023 Model S (refresh). I chose this radio because the head detaches from the body and contains a speaker and the microphone attaches to the the head unit. Only one wire runs from the radio to the head. The radio body fits snugly with the mount in the bottom of the center console all the way to the front. I did not screw the mount into the console as it dd not seem necessary, but I did use double stick velcro. I just placed the head unit in the console front section and it fit perfectly and I can close the lid and hide the radio (see pic). I will probably drill a hole in the section that holds the head to hide the wire from the body to the head . I mounted the antenna on the right frunk, which I rarely open. I did not want to mount it on the trunk because I use the trunk frequently. I threaded the antenna wire under the upper right front door seal and under the footwell cover and mat. I was able to thread the antenna cable from the front inside of the console to the area in front of the console. I pulled the lower trim and carpet back for access. It was a tight fit through a slot the width of the console but only about an inch high. No driving needed.

I powered the radio through a DV voltage reducer DC 8-40V to 13.8V, 10A from Amazon. I connected a cigarette lighter male to the reducer inout and put PowerPoles on the output and the radio. Note the refresh Model S power socket is switched 16V (measured 15.8), not 13.8V like most cars, which I felt was too high for the radio, which is rated for 13.8V.

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