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Model S 2015 warning sounds turned into alien noise

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Every now and then all the system/warning sounds (blinkers, seat belt, parking assistant, door open, autopilot...) of my 2015 Model S P90D get somehow replaced overnight with strange "alien noise" - impossible to explain in words, please see the video:

Radio and media played from phone work fine, so this is not a speaker fault.

I have owned the car for three years now and this has happened total 6 or 7 times. The first 4 or 5 times a soft reset immediately solved the problem. The last two times nothing seemed to help: I soft reset the car several times; did the "full soft reboot / four finger reset”; and powered the car off, waited for 5 minutes, powered back on. What eventually helped the previous time is that I called Tesla Support, they asked me to soft reset the car during the phone call, I did, and the normal sounds came back. I asked if they did something to the car remotely, they said no.

According to the support, this is not a software bug but wiring related. Is there a way I could check some wires by myself? I live far from any service center, and I'm afraid that if I drive to one, they just soft reset the car without any troubleshooting, the normal sounds get restored, and the problem comes back again after a few months.

Any suggestions?
I can’t help with getting the noise back to normal but have you seen the “wheel configuration” restart option? In the service section on the car select menu - wheel configuration and choose one random new type of wheels for your car. Let the restart finish and see if the sound is normal. One little reminder, after the change you need to set the wheel back to you current setup. So, yes it will be two consecutive restarts.