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Model S OEM wheels + TPMS+ decent Michelin Primacys

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These are the OEM factory wheels and tires that were on my 2014 Model S85. They are all 245/45/19 Michelin Primacy tires, come with the original TPMS’s, work great and are ready to bolt on.

Pictures are of 5 rims + tires and 1 will even throw in a 245/45/19 spare tire with good tread if you don’t low ball me.
You get to pick which 4 wheels and tires you want- I will keep the last one as my emergency spare which I keep in my frunk.
2 of the tires were used as my fronts, up until I put my winter wheels/tires on. Those tires have 7/32 th life and can be used for a long time still.
Other 3 tires on rims have 4-4.5/32 th of life and can be used for a while.
If you just need to buy an individual wheel +tire I would sell whatever one you pick out for $150 each
ASKING $650 located in rural chicago


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