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MY - Ordered date vs reordered date

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I originally had the order date of Feb 8th and modified it on Feb 18th to change the wheels to 20 inch.
Which date does Tesla consider for delivery queue/prioritization?

It's all a black box as far as I can tell.

I originally ordered 12/19 when the configurator said 1-12 weeks. I got a VIN in less than 24 hours, and they had me scheduled for pickup on 12/24 (Christmas Eve) when I was out of town. So I told them to release the car and rematch me.

Come mid-January I called an SA who informed me my account was labeled as "waiting" or something of the sort. So I was really just in some weird limbo state where I wasn't being matched with any vehicles. That was right as the heated steering wheel was showing up, so I waited a couple weeks and emailed them on 2/3 and said to release me into the pool for a match.

And here I am. All this time my profile page has never shown anything different at all. So as far as I'm concerned, there is no way of knowing what the heck the system is doing behind the scenes. You just get matched when you get matched. Is there even a queue in the formal sense? Would you even know if there was or wasn't? If a bear goes #2 in a region with many trees...

- Troop
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Thanks for sharing your thought and I feel sorry as well for them messing with your orders but good thing is you have 2K price reduced and heated steering wheel, if not for the other features.

Oh, no worries. My response was a longwinded way of saying I don't think anyone really knows. Tesla always just kinda does whatever they want. Sometimes it's consumer beneficial and sometimes it's not.

- Troop