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New options after production ramp?

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Does anyone have any idea what kinds of options may be available once production is ramped up?
It seems certain that AWD and White Interior will be options.

What’s the likelihood of having other options?

For example, more wheel options? More wood dash options? Is there any chance of things like this?

The S has quite a few options for customization... I’ve been invited, but would hate to order only to have missed out on other options like wheels and trim that I would have liked better in a couple months.

Dual motor and white seats are coming. Beyond that it’s all speculation... I’m betting the white seat interior will have a different wood/ material on the dash and probably a black headliner. The non-premium interior is coming at some point, I thought I saw some comment to that effect a while back that it would probably arrive with the smaller battery or perhaps even after as the no-frills, non-premium interior with smaller battery constitutes the $33~35K base model.